100 Replies to “Veteran arrested after he’s forced to remove doorbell camera”

  1. Stupid assholes at Las Palmas don't want the Ring door bell because they afraid of what it shows. Pathetic scum protecting more pathetic scum and bring a decorated military man down. You and your kind make me sick!

  2. How/when is making “terroristic threats” a misdemeanor?
    If he threatened her when she was at his door, she would have it on tape.

  3. I felt unsafe at my apartment and installed cameras in the front and the back. The management told me "you cannot put those on our building and we will get Maintenance to take them down!" I said "come take them down and I will have it on recording that you are stealing my cameras!" Boom! They never touched anything!

  4. Because all that freedom these guys "fight" for! Wake up people! Quit giving your children to the for profit private corporation known as the United States of America and start protesting the crooked domestic enemy who doesn't care about our loved ones service even though our loved ones performed their service for the corporation in disguise of doing it for us as this corporation known as the United States of America fools them and uses them!

  5. Poor neighborhoods are fighting crime sex trafficking drugs and they have small mom-and-pop operations to combat and teach kids Etc but in these rich white neighborhood these f**** idiots arguing over something that will keep them safe and they want it removed they just want to get robbed f*** it robbed them all

  6. I just did some research on this one, because I was curious;

    He reported his neighbour for abusing her children, and even informed the ex of the situation . From that moment on, it was a living hell for this man.

    p.s. the charges were eventually dropped, and he moved to a new community that allows Ring camera doorbells.

  7. I can tell you this, there is no way in hell ANY military member would use the term "guns", it is thumped into your head from day one that "weapon" is the proper term for any firearm.

  8. Just another some people suck… Literally no reason for anyone to complain about this guy's camera but they do it…. Who ever complained needs to get a life and the management of his apartment complex should be fired for even bothering the guy about it

  9. The charges have been dropped as of late 2019 for "Lack of evidence" (Go figure).
    This didn't start for simply no reason though and I don't know why it wasn't mentioned here, maybe because of litigation or who knows what.
    His Ring camera captured one of his neighbors abusing her child and was arrested for those "terroristic remarks" after he showed the ring footage to her ex and the media.

    I wonder if that woman in this video is the same. She certainly acts like the type to take advantage of someone smaller than herself.

  10. That's brutal and shady. I live in an apartment and one day my landlord tried walking right on in while I was home. Luckily I had the chain on the door. The camera is good to have, you never know who will try to just walk right on in.

  11. They should be giving him a hug, thanking him for his service of protecting America from Isis, instead they arrest him for having a doorbell… I have a doorbell can you ask them to arrest me n every one in my neighborhood with doorbells.

  12. That’s not the place for a camera, imagine living across the hall from that freak . It’s not his front yard it’s a complex put the camera on the in side of his unit.

  13. I think the news has the story wrong. I agree with keeping the doorbell camera there. I think is harassment for the apartments management to force him to take it down.

    However, I think he was arrested on the basis of his verbal indirect threat of the woman's health and safety. So the story isn't that "Man being arrested for having a doorbell camera." It should be "Man with doorbell camera is sent to jail for a verbal threat."

    I'm a veteran myself, and I understand his stance on having it and he has PTSD and such. But, his error was making a comment about "she's gonna get it. I have guns"

  14. Hey Houston, Texas: HOW PROUD YOU ALL MUST BE PICKING ON A VETERAN! And you wonder why some people call TexAss the A-Hole of the USA! Leave the vet alone. He fought for your freedom and rights. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!!

  15. Ring doorbell watches other residents, sites privacy concerns. It's meant for a resident, not an apartment. You may say differently now but if you had a daughter college age living in the apartment, you wouldn't want her watched by a neighbor with PTSD.

  16. lubes. Its appears that there started harassing the Veteran First. They don't want cameras on the house reason of unknown.

  17. I'm sure this all would have been fine if he didn't threaten anybody. I'm not saying the apartment manager is right either just that both sides made some mistakes.

  18. But you approved of him defending our country??how dare they?? Leave him alone ..shame on all of you….Derrick thank you for your service sir …us normal people respect and love you….

  19. Ring doorbells are shady. In order to record you have to agree to allow law enforcement to use any footage recorded by ring to be readily available to them.

  20. Do you people need ''New stuff'' to be around for 20 Years to be fine with it? And aliens are shown as douchebags. It's a wonder people don't need batman armor-mode housing to feel safe. Morons.

  21. Why do people always want to deprive others of any way to cope with internal suffering? Some people have PTSD so bad they literally need to drink or drug themselves to sleep. All this guy needs is a doorbell camera, and elitist control addicts still want to take that away from him. It's not like this is some kind of 24 hour all angle surveillance system. If you don't want to be on camera, don't press the button. That's it.

  22. one of the many many reasons I will never live in a apartment complex or subdivision. too many people trying to tell me how to run my business. I will bet that apartment complex has security cameras filming the occupants every move so why is a ring doorbell a safety issue.

  23. Las Palmas Apartments in Houston. I’m bet that because this has hit YouTube that the owners and managers of this complex will see a downfall in revenue when people stop living there.

  24. Residents cited safety as one of the reason for the ring to be taken down
    Reply "Sledge Hammer in every door in the complex FOR SAFETY, I mean someone might get stuck inside right!, gotta be safe now!"

  25. What are they so afraid of why don't they want him to have a camera maybe they're trying to get into his house to spy and go through his things cuz otherwise why would it be such a big problem those cameras have saved people's lives

  26. Leave the vet alone wtf kinda old town road complex is this it's 2020 you can't have a door bell with a cam gtfoh that manager needs to be fired she or he is an idiot 😡

  27. Will people stop saying anything and everything helps them. Come on. Thats why people can bring a peacock on a plane. People think that of they say they are offended they can do what ever they want.

  28. Put up a camera in the peep hole. Then the witch criminal manager won't know it's there and you can have here arrested for all her illegal actions you have recorded.


  30. Sorry but a marine doesn't threat he does or does not. They just hate marines or white guys. These people hate America of which he represents.

  31. If a vet with PTSD wants a camera to see what is going on outside his dor, I would not give a Flying F**k!!! Leave him be.
    I use mine to see packages delivered, pretend I'm home when I'm not, and keep Jehovah Witnesses from pestering me. Does he have drug dealers and hookers who think he's watching them? Disguise the thing a few feet away from the door. I thank you for your service.

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