Video Camera Reviews: How to Choose the Best Video Camera for YouTube

Hey guys, well I brought out the toys today
for you to take a look at and answering the question which camera should you be using
in your business. Stay tune! Whether your making’ your first video or you’re
a hundred and first you’re gonna need a video camera, so which one do you get, that’s
a great question and I’m gonna whole time to choose from here today. But before we get
into the right camera for you I want you to kind of look at these three criteria. These
three essentials when you’re looking’ for that perfect camera. The first one is obviously
this be in the right budget, you need be… without being any strategy don’t need to get
the most expensive fancies camera out there. Okay? Usually the cheap and expensive one or just
fine. The second thing it should be HD Quality this is all brainer co’z I don’t know the
camera today that doesn’t have some source of HD Quality, beautiful amazing picture.
But the third thing is the ability to include or touch an external audio input. A microphone
like this, whether it’s a wired or wireless lavaliere or some source of shotgun or boom
microphone like the one i have here. The wises important, well audio is so crucial
to improving the quality of your videos. So set this things I want the best pictures,
I want that blurry background before my videos or you really should be saying this. How do
I get that crystal clear audio so my viewers can hear and understand every word that’s
coming out of my mouth? So I’ve got all these cameras here for you,
one might be right for you and there’s gonna be lot or not. What I’ve done is kind of
group to three main categories. We have the hand- held small cameras, and then we have
the, what I like to call a movie handycam cameras, and then we have the big crazy DSL
lux. So we gonna start and go from one side to the other and look at the frozen cones
of each. This is the old flip HD menu, this was actually
the first camera i purchased when i started doing a Marketing videos back an about 2008
and really today belongs to the museum, you can’t really find this anymore but it was
great at the time and it serve this purpose because it was HD, it was easy to use you
can take with you on the go and obvious it’s pretty small. And I have another one here and i recommended
this in the past. This is the Kodak sport which is actually water proof so we even introduced
some cool stuff like this like underwater videos and fun stuff. Now, these hand-held
cameras are great for the ford ability and on the go features. But really what that’s
morph into is the hand-held device or the IPhone or android or whatever cellphone that
you’re using today. Most they have a pretty darn nice camera on
them. Now if you have an Iphone4 or an Iphone5, this is a fantastic camera to get started
with, especially because you could be filming videos on the go but with a little bit work
you can actually make this cameras produced incredible footage. Now, here some of the tips and tricks to filming,
these have the cameras. Because it’s not shape like a camera if you’re trying them to hold
in your hand and it wiggles a lot and it doesn’t really look right and as soon as you start
moving it, the quality of the footage is gonna go down drastically. So you wanna get some
source to tripod mouth. This is one i have created by Belkin it’s sleeps right on their
hand and you can see it has a little screw there you can put that on tripod now it’s
completely stationary. And the next thing you wanna do is to make
sure you have really good lidding. These things are gonna shoot really well outdoors with
the natural sun in the morning or afternoon hours or indoors in the studio like I’m
here right now with some fluorescent lights on me. So great cameras doesn’t start with
great on the go and if you’re already have an IPhone or a smart phone like this, you
really don’t spent more much money. Now, one of my favorite cameras that I’ve
been using right now is the go-pro. And this is the go-pro hero 3, this is the silver edition
or three addition at the moment. The hero 3, I believe it’s the white silver and black.
And this one is about $300, $299 and the reason I love this camera is because
A. it is really small B. it has shoot incredible quality footage
and it’s just so versatile and comes so many fun attachments and add-ons. Basically it
has a waterproof case, you can add a tripod mouth to this for couple dollars, you can
even add a view finder to it and its still such a small camera and it really does pack
a pouch. So what I love to use this camera for, is either you’re on the go video or
maybe you’re on the trip or vacation and your inspired to make a video at a moment
or i used it for my viewer footage so maybe filming this camera and ill set this camera
for right over to the side and that what just kind of filming and get some footage that
we can cut to. Now the next camera i wanna share with you,
is actually very near into my heart it’s been with me for a long time i actually purchased
i believe in 2011. This is the Sony handycam hdr xr500 and I believe them they can xr20-500.
I can’t remember the exact price on this i think it the time loss about 12hundred in
a box. But because the camera is couple years old I believe the price is gone down drastically.
This isn’t the fancy DSLR, this isn’t the fancy depth a field blurred background camera
but it does shoot in the crystal clear HD. This gonna give you really clean picture. But here’s two reasons why I like this camera:
It’s got the audio jack okay, the external audio jack so somewhere on here I can easily
clog in a microphone so boom! I’ve just up the quality of my video because now I have
a lavaliere connected to it. But here’s truly the reason why I love this camera, it has
a little manual dale right here were i can adjust the exposure of my videos. And I’m
gonna turn this into a whole camera tutorial video but basically with a little turn of
this dale. If I’m in a low lit or poorly lit room I can adjust the exposure and bring
in more in light and improve the quality of my picture and i have a lot more control over
how my videos are gonna look, plus there is like 120 gigs of space on this camera. So
I don’t think I ever have even cleared distinct out before I’ve just filmed hours of footage
and it all comes on this camera. So, if you’re looking for a camera that does you really
high quality you want durable but you don’t want to learn how to do everything this is
the camera i recommend and will have links below for all of this tutorials. Now the last that the cameras I wanna introduce
you to are obviously the high N DSLRs and I purchased my first DSLR are about a year,
year half ago. Because i really want to up the quality of my videos and they have the
pictures, the quality is amazing; you get that depth of field look when you get that
right glance. But there a lot of draw box to this camera mainly been there’s a very
high or stipe learning cuffs. And if you don’t know what you’re doing if you’d never handled
or this cameras taking a photography class before they can be pretty challenging. The
other thing is that if you’re doing a lot of videos at home by yourself or you just
put the camera up on the tripod and you just wanna go. It can be really challenging because
this cameras really require a dedicated camera operator, you need to make sure that you’re
in focus, that the exposure settings are right, the aperture set up correctly. And if you
don’t know what you’re doing and your trying to be the actor, the star of the show it’s
pretty challenging just put something up on the tripod and hope that it look out or came
out correctly. So, I recommend this cameras if you want the
quality to be top notch but you have either a background benit, your willing to learn
it or you can find someone does have the experience and to how of this cameras. Because once you
have this you can really create a highest quality looking videos. But not spending that
much money. Alright so now that I’ve introduced you
to our white ray of camera choices, I wanna play video camera match maker for you and
your business. Now remember it’s not about putting on a new hat it’s not about learning
a new skills it’s about creating your video and making’ video as quickly and easily and
efficiently as possible. So what camera will work for you? Well if you’re afraid of the
taking stuff and if you don’t really wanna learn anything new? I would go something that’s
gonna be and simple and easy to master. Obviously if you have a smart phone, a mobile device
an IPhone an IPad, this cameras are so easy to use just make sure you get the tripod,
get an extra mic for it and set up some good lidding and your good to go. Now if you have a little bit of a higher budget
i really do recommend this camera or there’s a few comfortable versions but this one that
i have the Sony hand cam once again is the HDR xr500 because you literally just press
the orange record bottom and you’re gonna have great video and audio. If your off to
the challenge and you wanna learn something new that’s where the DSLRs coming’ to play
but like i said before you’ve really wanna leave that to professional videographer, an
editor and a video team that can be making’ your videos for you. So there you have it a quick overview on find
the right camera for you and your business. Now to be honest is completely impossible
to do a complete video on this type of topic in order to fully review each and every camera
options that you have. It’s more important to just get started get a camera that works
and start making videos but all the links I have below this video will have more information,
fax, details and testimonials that you can use reading go through to learn more about
each of this cameras. Thank you so much for watching this video,
make sure to subscribe to my channel co’z I got more awesome videos like this coming’
out soon and I’ll see you the next one take care..

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    I picked up a Sony CX405 at the amazing price of around $125 used in very good conditions.

    The problem vs. the next model up is the lack of audio input so I decided I needed an external recorder. Those are very expensive on the whole but I got thinking: I have an XLR to USB mic converter for desktop use.

    So I picked up a Rotor 7" Windows tablet on Amazon for $75. The display is small but it has full windows which, coupled with an XLR mic on USB input, provides outstanding audio I can composite in post. (I opted for an SM58 because I'm comfortable with a handheld but you could easily get a different mic with a phantom power XLR-to-USB adapter on the same budget).

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    The nice thing about all of this is that everything I just mentioned can charge while running and has around 5 hours of battery life. The tablet in particular is a weird, oddball Windows tablet that has a micro-USB (which works with the mic and comes with an adapter) but charges off a traditional wall outlet rather than using the USB for charging, meaning I can use the mic while the tablet is plugged in. NOTE: Almost all other Windows tablets below $100 either don't have desktop Windows installed or require the micro-USB port for charging. The alternatives to this Rotor 7" Win Tablet are either at least $50 more expensive or are military surplus tablets you can buy used for as low as $50 — although be warned, those have seen combat use and look like it.

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