Video Creator Basics – Manual Mode on a Camera Explained

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  1. Thanks for the lesson, as a beginner, all your tutorials are very helpful. I’ve been creating some travel content and this video right here is exactly what I’ve been needing to work on. My last video the begging had that auto focus issue where it went in and out, extremely distracting!! Thanks again🤙🏼

  2. Totally botched a client video the other night when I didn’t pay attention to shutter speed and shot in super low light. Lol, I look like a ghost as I wisp around the truck I was shooting 🤦‍♂️

  3. Dude, I am literally uploading a similar video RIGHT now, from a YouTube beginners perspective. I could have used this 3 days ago!! Nice work as always!

  4. Even. Good video. The biggest problem I have is remembering to move from auto manual when I shoot YouTube videos. For family run and gun, I use manual. Yes, its not ideal, but with a young child, I need to be able to grab and shoot and not adjust manual settings. I once shoot a 15 minute youtube video on Auto and had to reshoot.

  5. Although I'm a long time manual shooter I found a few helpful tips. While I understand the term Noise I wonder if someone who is a complete novice or is not familiar with the term would know exactly what it is.

  6. This was hands down the best all in one explanation I have seen on manual settings. I have always used some combination of manual settings but I’m really going to make a push to go full manual whenever possible. Thanks as always for the high quality and informative content!

  7. This is such a great video with instructions and examples at just the right level — not nerdy, but also not talking down to the audience. I'd love to see a video with tips for filming cooking (especially when you're both the cameraman and the cook).

  8. I understand how these things work but every time I look at videos like this make my brain happy. Love in the info and so stoked see youtubers collab. It just brings the community together 🙂 and provide good super useful and inspiring knowledge

  9. Good job explaining some basics. I'd only suggest a few graphics explaining DoF and aperture. IMO the way you presented it is a little abstract for some. Also, your f 1.7 on the GH5 has a wider DoF than then same 1.7 would be on the S1—where you wouldn't have nearly the freedom of movement and remain in critical focus—I think that's worth noting at some point.
    Not trying to be critical, just trying to put myself in the place of a novice video shooter.

    This IS an important video for a lot of video shooters. If you don't shoot fully manual and MF you'll never have control of you video to achieve the look you want.

  10. Hey Jeven, with external mics whether its connected to your phone or camera etc do you always need the mic cat cover on there and does it matter which way the mics pointing?

  11. A month ago, I started my youtube fitness channel. Your videos have helped me a lot, Jeven. Thank you for all this content and for how well they are explained. Awesome!

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