Video Editing and PC Gaming on a 40″ 4K HDR TV

Hey guys! Whats up? Today, I’m going to talk a little bit about
a TV and if we can actually edit and game on it. So one of the things I always do on a Sunday,
ever since I was a little kid is get on Best Buy and check out their ads, and I came across
a TV through Best Buy that was on sale and it was a UN6290 40″ Samsung television. This baby is 4K, its a smart tv, it has HGR
pro or plus – one of those. I’ve been wanting to go into a bigger monitor
anyways. I’ve been doing a lot more gaming. I have been using an LG monitor widescreen
and this thing is beautiful. I love gaming on it, I love editing on it,
everything about this monitor is perfect for what I need. However, my girlfriend got a gaming PC and
when we are on our downtime we play next to each other and I brought in a 40″ TV for her
and I’m there on my 34″ looking at her screen and I’m thinking like “I need one of those!” So thats what compelled me to atleast try
it out, cause I was thinking, “What if I can find a TV that gives me that awesome gaming
that I want, but also, I can use the same screen and real estate for editing. I was like hmmm.” I’ve done this before and it didn’t work. I was like I’ve got to at least try it. So, I took a trip out to Best Buy and I grabbed
2 of these babies; one for me and one for my girl. I know she has a 40″ but its always good to
have both that look the same. Again, that’s a problem I have. So right out of the box this thing looks beautiful. It has the bezzle look. Right now it’s on a stand, but I most likely
will put it on the wall if I keep it. So lets get into it. This baby is capable of giving you a full
blown 4K image as well as a UHD image. Color reproduction on this TV – beautiful! But if you do go out and buy this TV or any
other TV like this, you have to go through a couple stages. I actually read through a couple forms for
this. Here are some tips for you if you do decide
to get one of these TV’s. Go into Nvidia settings or your graphic settings. Make sure that you are on RBG and make sure
that you are on full and not limited. And make sure the dynamic range is set to
0-255 and that’s going to make a huge difference when you play back video or when you’re editing
to video. One more setting for you. In order to achieve any of these setting I’m
even telling you, you have to do this – make sure that you go into your video display settings
in your TV. Go into UHD color. Make sure that’s clicked and set to “on,”
this way your graphic card can push the full color for UHD into the TV. Holy cow! So here we go! Gaming! This baby is phenomenal. I thought gaming on a wide screen 34″ was
top notch – forget about it! Gaming on a 40″ screen right in front of you
is beautiful. Okay, so I did a side by side between this
and my 34″ and the color, for me, was identical. Couple tweaking here and there was all I needed,
but above all, blacks are deep, color is beautiful, on par to the same as my 34″ LG monitor. Gaming on this thing is just breathtaking;
the size, the color, the detail, it just brings the gaming fun into gaming. So this wraps up a quick, quick overview of
using a TV in replacement of my 34″ monitor for gaming as well as for editing. So what do I think of it? I’m going to start using this thing as my
daily driver and we’ll go from there because I never thought I’d be parting ways with my
34″ monitor, but this baby so far takes the cake. I’ll keep you guys updated with reviews, but
this is my initial review slash overview, I guess, but anybody out there who maybe seen
this TV on Best Buy or is looking for a TV to maybe replace their monitor but they’re
not sure to jump because you always here you shouldn’t or you should or theres not enough
stuff out there for people who actually use this professionally… I am telling you – do it! So that’s it for me guys! This TV blows me out the water! I’m going to keep using it as my daily driver
here for the next few months to see how it goes, but if you have one, if you have any
questions about this TV leave your comments below! Hit that like button for support and don’t
forget to subscribe guys! I’ll see you in the next video.

100 Replies to “Video Editing and PC Gaming on a 40″ 4K HDR TV”

  1. My main issues with TV's as monitors has been color/text readability. How is this TV for with viewing and managing files in Windows? (I do website management and video editing). Also my work area is pretty dark and I usually lower brightness quite a bit. I heard going below 12 on backlight/brightness levels creates some PWM flicker, do you notice any flicker? and finally, do you plan to keep it and fully replace your LG?

  2. Seriously, best buy and/or samsung should be paying you for this video. Just purchased this and wow is it the perfect monitor. Excellent video!

  3. awesome review man u gained a sub!! is it perfect for video editing in premier pro 4k footage straight out my sony a6300?? in terms of accurate colors and overall crispy display?

  4. I just ordered this exact TV from Best Buy today and I looked up video reviews…yours was the first (and only)! Thanks so much for this review and the advice on what settings to change. You earned yourself a subscriber!

  5. awesome video! I saw my mom carying the tv almost the same model just the never version. And its my birthday tommorow, so i got so excited about it until i found a video saying that uhd tvs lags alot playing games. But your review on the tv made me so excited!!! I cant wait to get gaming in high quality 🙂

  6. Great video! Have a few questions :). Is there a difference between this model and the UE40KU6020WXXN model? And what about the ms and respons time? I dont game competitive but I do enjoy games like overwatch or sometimes batttlefield and I wonder if it won't lagg/delay that noticable or have any motion blur? Could you please tell me what your experience is, if you find the time? Thank you!

  7. Great review–get your channel mentioned by someone famous, somehow. 🙂  For anyone seeking further technicality, see here:  (This is the same thing, with Bluetooth.  Same panel.)

  8. This TV is about as good as it gets as a monitor, but be aware of potential image persistence while using it in this scenario.  Windows Taskbar "burned-in" within twelve hours (on a dark grey or brown background, icon shadows were highly visible), in my case, on backlight 18.  Fortunately, it's generally temporary with LCDs, though it took a week to go away (it's actually still there, very faintly–hopefully it will eventually entirely clear up).  I strongly recommend auto-hiding Windows Taskbar (as soon as possible), and not viewing anything, if possible, with black bars (they will cause persistence [(generally) temporary discoloration] if left on the screen long enough).

  9. HDMI Black Level must also be manually set to "normal" when using RGB Full (as opposed to limited); else, blacks and whites will be crushed.  Use this to confirm proper settings:

  10. Dude just bought this tv and ya its the best 4K you can get for the price but my HDR is just working on HDMI 1!! I tried HDMI 2 & 3 with my XboxOne S thats has HDR on HDMI 1 and on the others it says HDR not available!! Now I'm trying to turn it on how you did in your video from the menu settings, so is my tv just a lemon or I'm I missing something???

  11. Are you on game mode or pc mode, when playing games on your PC. When I am on pc mode most of settings are unavailable.

  12. Hey, How does it compare to a 1440p 34 inch monitor for editing documents and writing text. Also does it have good performance with mac too?

  13. Exactly ! People want a nice 120Hz 4K HDR monitor for their PCs The K6300 is the newer version.
    DUDE, you got a Gamer Girl girlfriend, marry her ! 🙂 So she can kick your butt in games happily ever after ! 😀

  14. just one point on nvidia control pannel, u said that u need to set the dynamic range to 0-255 in the settings, what u don't know is that you are forcing the nvidia card to control those settings, if u let at default that is let video player settings you gonna have the same exact final result and u can check it by your self. i did a lot of test video different video codecs and its the same thing, so just let it at default.

  15. Agree I've been using a 40 inch 4k monitor for gaming and editing I got on EBay from Korea for $530 since the Summer of 2015 love it. Nice 4k tv too.

  16. Hi, excellent video. I want this tv for my pc. I currently have an LG monitor with resolution 2560.1080. I love my monitor but I'm curious about the 4K. Is it worth the change? Will the jump to 4k be noticeable? Both in games and the desktop. Sorry for my english I'm from Uruguay greetings and thanks

  17. Hey I'm only able to get 4k 30hz @ RGB/4:4:4 — All other settings you showed are the same and I can see from your video you clearly can get 4k 60hz @ 4:4:4/RGB — I'm using the same HDMI cable from your link in the description and I'm running off of an NVIDIA GTX 760. Any thoughts?

  18. I just purchased the Samsung UN40KU6300 which is a comprable tv to this one. I'm having the issue of it not remembering it's in PC Mode when the computer goes into sleep mode, or I need to turn it off. Do you have the same issue? I have my computer plugged in to the HDMI 1/DVI slot, and i'm getting beautiful 4k @ 60hz, but the fact that I have to go in and keep setting the input source to PC mode is driving me nuts.

  19. that was a bad way to start the video as the noise was too loud and it took me by surprise. Next time make a transition. Cheers!

  20. guys should i buy a 4k tv for console gaming and 2 25 inch full hd monitors for pc gaming or just buy a 40 inch 4k tv for pc gaming

  21. i would like to purchase this for my ps4…not the ps4 pro…the regular ps4…would this be good to make my games look nice?

  22. Cool Video… very informative…. I have a question can I play 4k video of the usb port. direct on the tv. please reply thanks…

  23. I just built my first gaming PC and connected it to a samsung KS8500 and oh brother, it looks amazing, I had the KU6300 before and it was a great tv as well.
    Great video by the way, you got yourself a new subscriber, check out my channel, I have TV comparisons and best gaming settings to play in 4k, with HDR with the PS4 pro, XB1S and now PC 😃😎

  24. What graphics card are you using in your PC, I bought this TV and I don't have the option of switching the setting to RGB or FUll for the output dynamic settings

  25. Hey! Could you post your picture settings on the TV? Trying to find the best way to use it. When using as a general computer and editing, I find that having the "HDMI UHD Color" turned on gives me little to no lag and the crispest image. However, it does make watching youtube or netflix difficult as it starts to lag and the image drags. I have not yet found the best settings for just watching video.

  26. Thanks for the tips on the setup! I picked up the KU6290 as a secondary monitor and loving it. My only gripe is the stand is a little wobbly. Did you ever end up mounting it to the wall?

  27. I got the same tv and use it in my setup as well. Thanks for the advice! Also made a video about my experience with it

  28. Great review!!! Just bought the UN40KU6300FXZA model from best buy. Using it on my gaming PC with a Strix GTX 1080. Hopefully with faith the newer version will leave me with the same experience even after months.

  29. Great video! Thanks. Unfortunately, that model seems to be out of stock everywhere. Any idea what the current model is? Is it the UN40MU6300?

  30. Hi, hope you guys can help me out… cant find that model in any stores here in Denmark, so what other models can I use that is the same or better?? We can get this model Samsung UE40KU6075XXE is this as good or ? or I have to get it on Amazon TechJMedia are you still happy for it ?

  31. wow thank's for this video. I want a TV like this but no money. I subscribed the channel and liked the video.

  32. Hi. Great video. Just a question: for gaming and movies, considering your experience, do you think that a monitor like Samsung CF791 would be much better than a 4k TV like this one? My main concern would be image quality, like blacks and colours. Thank you.

  33. Ha TechJMedia, unless I missed it why have you not commented on the John Dough comment ? This is important info for readers and valid.and acknowledging that would be a good idea. Getting something because it's at a good price is not the only thing to think about. If you think it's not important than my subscribing to your channel is Not important !

  34. hey bro i am really considering getting this tv over LG 27UD68-P monitor for my gaming rig. And after checking your review i am almost certain im getting it.. but first can you tell me about the input lag and refresh rate at all? based on my research apparently it's not pretty good for competitive gaming which im gonna do but could you tell me your overall opinion while using the tv on fast paced gaming?

  35. hello, I come from OMGadgets channel, he said your analysis of this tv made him try it, so I wanted wanted to ask you what I asked in his video too, that is. What do you think about input lag etc if I would use the TV to edit sound to Image, I mean detailed sound design for video and sometimes games, but not gaming at all. Is the lag reffered to live movements on games etc or will it introduce some fine displacement or latency between the image and the sound. Thanks!

  36. Thanks for the quality vid. I just picked up a 49" Samsung Mu8000, which is beautiful.

    The problem is when I enable the HDMI UHD Color, it ghost nearly all the fine tune color settings in the tv menus. I do professional photo and video work too, so I need good color repro. I mean it's good, but it's not quite perfect.

    Any help appreciated on getting the menus accessible with UHD color on.

  37. Hey man I dont know all the technical reasons why but actually you should get better picture with YcbCr444 instead of RGB. They both look very similar to me though. Other than that 1 setting thank you very much for the tips on settings.

  38. Why does a TV look better than a monitor..I'm asking because right now I have an Xbox One hooked to a ASUS 1080p Monitor and although it looks fine when I hook it up to my 5 yr old LED 1080p 47 inch TV it looks so much better on that..Why is that..I thought monitors we're supposed to look sharper because of the smaller displays and pixel density..?

  39. The modern 4K TVs outperform all monitors in picture quality and immersion thanks to their larger panel size. I forgot my old 28" 4K asus monitor in favour of my actually KS8000 55" 4K samsung tv….but i think 55 inches are a bit too large for less than 4 feet distance of view; have you got any problem with the 40" size instead?

  40. Does anyone have a working link to one of these TVs as of October 2017? Tried to find it but the only ones available are $400+ or out of stock

  41. Have your figured out how to output at 120hz in 1080p/4k. I was chatting with samsung because I couldnt get the 120hz to show up and I just asked to confirm what the TV supports and they told me 120hz in 4k.

  42. What people fail to realize is that you give up a higher refresh rate when you use a 4k tv for a gaming monitor… You will be stuck at 60hz rather than going as high as 144hz to 240hz which will give you better and smoother gameplay… But it really depends on your own personal preference ;)… Good day to you all

  43. The 2017 MU6300 models are basically identical, to the 2016 model reviewed in this video. The only new addition is that now ALL hdmi inputs accept HDMI 2.0 4k @ 60Hz. So its better if you are hooking up other 4K devices. 2016 model only had that on one input.

  44. Please help I’ve just installed the exact same TV I bought it when I thought my other TV was broken but I managed to fix the Sony 43 and wondered what to do with the Samsung 40 I put it on my system and it is for nominal the problem is I’m not getting any sound for me can you help please?

  45. Thank you for the review. I know its a year, I'm going to upgrade my monitor and was deciding whether to buy a tv or monitor, now I know what I'm buying.

  46. Great video .. I️ am setting up a similar set up ! W/ the 40 inch tv and 2 pc Monitor portraited in each side thanks this was a great help in making my decision

  47. Amazing review! Great information. Personally I have the Ku6300. Do you use Game mode instead of PC mode for better input lag? I am going to build a Ryzen PC next month 🙂

  48. currently using a MacBook Pro 15” and am looking for a monitor or tv to run my photoshop on and my Xbox one x on at the same time. What would you recommend me getting. Also I have a 55” 4k tv but it is to big for me to edit on. Please help me

  49. Another excellent video. However, I'm assuming the screen is AMOLED (as it is a TV) not IPS, so by inherit design I don't believe (but I could be wrong) the TV will not actually render high bit-depth at 10,12, or even higher (per color) and you are actually stuck at 6 or 8-bit (per color). My concern with video grading would be how much visual image quality is missing from 12-bit+ 422 or 444 video and how the display affects what you actually are doing if you push color/image too far by it not having a wide color gamut. I guess if you are editing master for commercial cinema in 444 you have the dough for a $30K monitor, but it would be nice to actually see all of the 422/444 RAW video we are all so drooling to capture these days. Would love to see a side-by-side comparison against a true high end 10/12/14-bit WCG 4K monitor. Keep up the good work!

  50. hey man are you still happy with that 4k tv for video editing? i was thinking to buy the new samsung 4k i think its very similar to yours

  51. Hi nice video, I have the Samsung UE43KU6000 UHD smart TV looks quite the same as yours and did everything expect I was unable to set the RGB on the graphics card ? Maybe I am missing something you mentioned it should be set at full not limited but that is the only option I get? Just to mention I have a MSI GTX 1050 ti Gaming 4 gb with a Ryzen build Thanks in advance.

  52. The Tech Vault, love the video i keep banging my head, if i should get this Tv, or the 6300, or the 8000 series, i mean all im going to do is 4k Editing in Premiere pro, or should i get like the 28inch lg monitor, or Benq U 32 inch monitor, but those are kinda small,
    or should i be getting a monitor with Real Hdr, 10 Bit, 60hz, but now im seeing to not get 60 hz go for more like 120 or 144hz but none of the 144hz are real 4k there like 3440×1440, can somebody anybody help me make the right Purchase, i need real good screen to edit my 4k footage, i just kinda dont like small, The Tech Vault because i think i seen in one of the comments that you got a new monitor, so why mabby did you do that, should i be getting a monitor, and none of the wide monitors are 3840×2160

  53. Just bought this to replace my monitor. Has hdr, 120 Hz, 4k…40 in . A have an Asus 144 Hz monitor 1080p right now which cost 300.. just got this tv for 230 on eBay.

  54. I've tried to edit on my TV. It's not as comfortable and because it's in 4k all the text is smaller and I cant read anything.

    Playing PC games on it is pretty good though.

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