VINTAGE Blackpool PLEASURE BEACH rides from 2005 – RogVLOG51

This is gonna be a little trip down
memory lane, I grew up just outside Blackpool and I spent a lot of my
childhood on Blackpool Pleasure Beach, one of the best theme parks in the
United Kingdom, home of the Pepsi Max Big One once the tallest rollercoaster in
the whole of Europe, nowadays are some fantastic new rides, but recently I came
across some old footage from 2005 and watching it now is absolutely
fascinating, so I thought I’d do a little quick vlog about Blackpool Pleasure
Beach 15 years ago, fancy joining me? Welcome to RogVLOG. Nowadays this ride is painted bright
orange and is called Nickelodeon Streak, back then it was simply called
Rollercoaster, and look at those old-fashioned trains, they had really comfy seats if I
remember rightly, this is my favourite dark ride in the whole world, the ghost
train, actually one of the original ghost trains, this hasn’t changed much on the
outside in 15 years, but believe me they’ve done a lot of changes in the
darkness, this double racing rollercoaster is the
Grand National affectionately known as The Nash, people enjoy at racing sensations as the
two cars career round this rickety old bumpy track, it was probably a lot smoother 15 years
ago, but the airtime over those hills is immense, and just look how the train scream over
those trim breaks, that doesn’t happen today, the flying machines was built in
1904, and back in 2005 sponsored by Ryanair, in the background you can see
the Ice Blast, this is one of my favorite rides at
Blackpool Pleasure Beach which is now sadly no longer standing, the amazing
incredibly wet log flume, just loved this last drop down into the splash area, look at those colourful red splat
carriages on the Big Dipper, and how on earth did those huge
rectangular coaches go round that tight corner? I love this next shot of the old style
silver Big One trains and the Big Dipper coming crashing down that twisted third
drop, well I hope you enjoyed that little trip
down memory lane, I certainly wish I’d taken more footage back in the day, such
an amazing place Blackpool Pleasure Beach, in fact I’m going to have to go
back this summer, I think, if you enjoyed this episode of RogVLOG please do
subscribe to my YouTube channel and I’ll see you on the next one.

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  1. What's your favourite ride at Blackpool Pleasure Beach? Include an old ride that's no longer there if you like.

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