Attention, some very good news at the start of this video! A balloon from the Daltonisme video Is still inflated after several months! Nozman (French Youtuber) I would like you to- *sound of a balloon deflating* Well no good news after all Why are we here today? For a very simple reason. For the rest of the edited pictures! Last time we had a good laugh, we had fun, we laughed a lot All together. I think that one day I’ll become a redneck without knowing it and I’ll just stay like that naturally I tweeted you some new pictures of me with a green background. With as goal of course to take away the green color and to encrust me where you want For it to make sense you have to make cool and CLEAN edits! That’s not what I saw there… *music from the 50s* WHAT’S ALL THAT!?! If you can’t edit a picture, then don’t my friends! You don’t have to want to be in a video so badly to propose something so shitty! Attention, not everyone made shitty things. Actually there are so many montages from like quality level 1 That’s it’s hard to find the good ones (But anyway) What did you do with all this? Let’s go! Eh but.. In every video you put me with titans… That’s just crazy And in every video you have some trouble removing the green color *I didn’t see you there when I first saw the movie* Not baaaaaad! There’s a problem of proportion. Well actually maybe I’m like the size of that lions paw! Who knows? OK NEXT! *dragon ball squeezie* Oh a little comic, I like comics *narrating the comic* Who’s there? *narrating the comic* Squeezie I need to delete this youtuber who’s perverting our children! *ok* *narrating the comic* No dude pls *narrating the comic* Ow the bastard!* Not bad but no-one would buy my comic if there’s stuff like that in it *reads* Everbody like this so he’ll see it P.S: I’ve never seen him so determined* It’s disgusting because the picture’s resolution is disgusting but it isn’t bad heh! Oh shit, there is someone who made a game *read* Where is Squeezie? Find the 8 hidden squeezie!* Nice, good idea! a small picture of New york Times (square?) We have one there punching MacDonald That mean clown who’s terrifying kids We have one there, chilling one who’s falling one sitting Those in the air are the easiest to find because no one is in the air except me Ok, there is one here, fuck, he’s well hidden Ohhh yeaaaaahh good! There’s two more to find Ok, here he is flying Where is the last one? Oh no it’s horrible when you don’t find the last one! It’s awful, it’s the worst time! There is 8, could be a troll, there is 7 You would be that pervert Lelouzze Eight!!! fucking Running on the road! This one was hard to see Voilà Squeezie Editing Owww duuuuuuuuude! This is well thought, that pleases me when i see that, i love internet it’s so smart, I drop a big “fav” So much creativity in this man. Ok another comic! *read* It took me two hours to make this comic, i’m counting on you so that he can see it this reminds you of a few memory doesn’t it? *read* it’s my time to play, go away! *laugh* Haha, ok! I already see where you’re going! It’s an old story I tell in an old video *read* No, not now, I finish my Dofus game. *laugh after seeing the next picture* That’s so what he did that bastard He perfectly unplugged the computer
*read* No, you weren’t allowed to! read* Ah! I hit a frame!
laugh* He put a framed picture of Cyprien !
*laugh* Paff! aaand the ambulance! You reconstruicted so well with pictures it’s like you know the… the… All right I confess sometimes there are some things a little shitty Like the inspectors who tell things and to make not a dude talking for 30 mintues face cam they recreate the scenes, all right? Shortly what I wanna say is that you recreate as well as the assessement scenes Send your resumé to Netflix The seven differences game *reading* have fun OK Em…. dude it’s hard It’s even harder than the New York thing Ah no I didn’t see, it’s just that it’s not the same person at all Excellent thanks to all bye! *listens the Kpop MV* *laughs* The choregraphy is so great. Wait! She had the same pose as me on one of the picture. Watch! They are like that but she opens her skirt so you find it sexier *he dances on the music* Oh shit I’m gonna do a career in Korea Neeeeeext one! *reading* I can’t edit a picture but I still managed to turn the picture upside down *laughing* I am tired of all these stupid things. *reading* A love that will last forever OOOOh! *laughs* It’s cuuuuute! Stop you are annoying me when you put Trico Now I wanna cry. *reading* My cat kibble or your life *laugs* shit that’s so done with things you can do.
The worst picture of Jumbo (his cat) The hand is an emoji dude *laughs* We feel that your skill is not enough To do a picture editing but you have fought And that pleases me *reading* Squeezie editing come on I add one else to the four others (previous tweet) A picture from #FortBoyard of saturday whith Squeezie So… it didn’t happen like that exactly
*shows the extract of the TV show* Because yes I did Fort Boyard It was on TV last saturday, I can tell you that my grand-mother Mauricette, was very happy very very happy and with the anecdote: Warning, it’s the anecdote video, it’s crazy Before the show I was with Tex who presents Les Z’amours and I told myself that Les Z’amours is watched by elderies So I sent a picture of me with Tex to my grandmother I didn’t know if she knew her or not so she texted back *laugh* IT’S AWESOME I still have the screenshot! Watch!! I still have the screenshot It’s awesome!! *reads* Look with who I am! *We are in the hotel near the fort* My grandmother answered *what a surprise! he will be able to help you morally *I can’t wait to see how it’s going to happen kisses to both of you* I learnt after that my grandmother thought that on the picture Tex was actually my brother. *tries not to laugh* I laughed a lot, I was also very sad telling be *But granny! Are your eyes OK?!* *reads* When Squeezie sees his toy flirting with Max* What an horrible thing!!!OOH!!!! Bad boy! he’s a bad boy *slaps Jackie Chan* Sometimes he needs a little correction this bastard *reads* Last time I flew I watched through the window And I saw that* There we are this I couldn’t do for exemple. There is a nice effort but it’s still not funny that’s sad *laughs* I love joking about you *reads* Do whaterver you want with that* So that’s a send nudes made with myself. But dude If I send that to a girl she has to send me a nude Thanks to you. It suuuucks! There isn’t any joke
*video playing* As cats are attacking They are governing the planet Only Him can save us *laughs* We are really there Stop making construction with my body! It is not all right.
It suuuuucks! I’m embarassed There is something with the lion king You put me in it all the time
I invented a new type of sport aeronotic dude if I could have a domestic Iron Man like that and ride it like you ride a horse that would be crazy Careful watch closely! Now you tell me seriously if anybody laughed You just got the wrong video but it’s not bad Perfect exemple of a shitty edit You have something putting me in Kpop bands SHIT!! WHAT’s that again?!!! *laughs* Where are we going?? Shiiiit *laughs* that’s not bad. YOU NEED TO RUN AWAY FROM THEM THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS
the poop is here Yes *laughs* Not bad!!! Thaat’s the third that I laugh really Shit I should pay those people so that they do this for me everyday I would always be in a good mood But stop making constructions with MY BODY OH shiit!! It’s crazy!! Good work Great mème and great reference and there is denis so we can only like Oh no!!! A colosqueezie leave my anus out of that Please!
What did I just said for godsake *watching the video* It doesn’t make any sense and I lost my ears Who did that? VDM but what’s wrong? What’s happening? It’s since 9gag fucked you that you do things like that? *shouts* *laughs* *watches video* *laughs* So a good idea *continues laughing* *continues laughing* that’s so funny
this man has the record of the funniest thing It’s the end of this video I hope you liked it if you did, don’t hesitate to like it as usual It was the second and last episode of these pictures on green background
Why is it the last one? Because next time we’ll do it with videos on green background
I’ll film little videos on a green background and then we’ll have definietly finished If you can’t edit don’t force you to Don’t do a thing…euh… I saw a lot people making shitty things and saying it was shitty things themselves don’t do it because even if it’s from a nice intention I can assure you that the feeling on the tournage is….. I lose too much time seperating and having bad things


  1. Mais c'est incroyable il trouve drôle les trucs que je trouve pas du tout drôle et lui trouve des trucs pas drôle que je trouve drôle (exemple :VDM)

  2. FRTC fait un montage de Squeezie sur Minecraft voilà Squeezie tu as qu'à écrire ça comme ça tu regardes la vidéo c'est Squeezie le fond vert

  3. pour les gens qui save pas ce qui est « VDM » c’est un cite ou tout tout le monde raconte ses annectodes (VDM= Vie De Merde)

  4. Si vous savez pas faire de photos montage n’en faites pas les amis! C’est sur les kikou on fait des montages de merde

  5. j'aime bien ce que tu fait dab mais dire que ce que fait des gens est nul (même si tu le pense) est moyen en vidéo c'est peut être des gens qui ont galérer a le faire et qui ont envie de le faire quand même
    enfin bref je me suis quand même bien marrer :p

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