Wacom Create More | Motion Graphics Designer and Photographer Robert Hranitzky Interview

My name is Robert Hranitzky.
I am working as a Creative Director in Munich, Germany. I start my day with coffee. The day cannot start without coffee. I like to settle in by going through my mails. I work mostly as a Motion Graphics Designer, which covers multiple aspects: 3D & 2D animation, photography, storyboards, scribbles, artworks. I was in high school when I had my first experience with Photoshop. I scanned pictures with a scanner, which you had to pull over the image. I was using Photoshop to combine drawings with photographs. Then I felt that this is something I really want to do. I love being creative. I love creating something that did not exist before. Most of the times, I start with Photoshop, no matter the project is. It can be a scribble I do digitally, it can be a mock-up I do in Photoshop, or style frames for example. But if it is for animation, I work in After Effects. That is my favorite tool. I love to combine things, that are coming out of Cinema 4D as a 3D render, and make them look really nice in After Effects. On the hardware side, I always travel with my MacBook Pro, and of course with my Intuos graphic tablet. I have a large tablet that I use in my studio. I have a very large screen. A bigger tablet surface corresponds better to a large screen. I have been using Wacom tablets since I was 16 or 17.
I have never used anything else. The graphic tablet is pressure sensitive, so this allows me to do things that are not possible with a mouse. I do a lot of photography. I was always intrigued by how black-and-white photos can be colorized. I was very fascinated by how old times can be brought back to life, just by adding color. I took old family albums. I found a couple of photos that are over one hundred years old. I took them for a spin in Photoshop and colorized them. There is a famous quote that says: even the backside of the fence has to look nice. I think, that really stands out. If people find out that something is not completely finished, then they might wonder: If he did not finish that, what else has not been finished? I would not consider myself the best creative in the world. But I am trying to be the best creative that I can be.

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  1. Thanks so much for the kind comments! Appreciate it very much – just saw the comments and for those who ask: it is the 34" LG 34UM95-P screen.

  2. hi sir im verry big fan your
    im from india
    my name is mahesh
    im little graphic designer my job is dtp operator im verry slum
    i dont money fully virgin software cs6 photoshop, prime pro, its my hobbis plz help me

  3. hey robert,
    I am also a animator but i have to know more about motion graphics ,
    can you please tell me about the opportunities in motion graphics
    7532091416 is my whatsapp no.

  4. So inspiring … we are in touch when our Maker flows through … that’s why creating is such a high!!! Great stuff!!! 🙏🏼💞

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