WATCH THIS, before buying FILTERS | Landscape Photography

Wait guys! Wait, wait, wait. I know you’re eager to buy filters for your landscape photography adventure But before you buy filters I just want to say something I’ve been using my Nisi Filters Starter Kit for more than a year now So I’ve already tested this filter and until now I’m still satisfied with the output whenever I use the Nisi filters “But wait!” “Dennis! Get to your point already!” So the other day We were contacted by Nisi Filters Philippines to ask if we’re interested in a partnership program What’s good about this, guys, this is not just for me but you will also benefit in this partnership because Nisi Filters Philippines will be giving P500 discount when you buy any Nisi Filter Kit or Holder Kit So the word “KIT” is important because you will not avail this discount if you will not buy “Kit” Just like my Nisi Filters Starter Kit Nisi Filters Philippines gave us discount code that we can use when we order online The code that they gave us is “MURILLO” (my surname) Let’s do an example Let’s try if the code will work Let’s head over to This is just too easy Anyway if you haven’t know it yet another good news I’ve been featured in their website as Photographer of the Month You can read my answers to their questions here Just head over to this site to know more Then let’s try the discount code Again, the code only works on “KIT” Let’s go here on filter kits Again, the code will work only on Filter or Holder KIT So let’s try this Starter Filter Kit then click PURCHASE On Discount Code We’ll just put MURILLO Then click APPLY There you go! This P500 discount is very important because you can now buy a bus ticket for your next Landscape Photography adventure That’s additional pocket money when we travel Okay let’s try the code on the Filter Holder KIT Nisi V6 100mm Filter Holder Kit with Enhanced CPL So this is the latest Filter Holder What I’m using is the older version V5 Let’s go purchase the V6 Again on the Discount Code Box let’s put MURILLO INVALID PROMO???!! Because I put 3 “L” instead of just 2 “L” for MURILLO So that’s it guys! The code will only work on Filter KIT and Square Filter Holder KIT So I suggest that when you buy filter better buy the “KIT” Because of the free items included like the filter pouch, filter cleaners etc. So those things made me bought a filter kit then I saw the Nisi Starter KIT I think the filter case is very handy for me specially when I’m filming while shooting I like it when the filters are just hanging beside me and I don’t think too much of my filters safety because it’s already safe on the casing. So that’s it! Thank you very much for watching! I hope you get to use the Discount Code given to us by Nisi Filters Philippines So I’d also like to thank Nisi Filters Philippines for the Discount Code I’m currently editing the next adventure episode Ring the bell so that when I upload the video You’ll get notified See you in my next episode. Bye!

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