We built a 1:2 SCALE CYBER TRUCK! (Part 4/4)

So at long last the half scale Cybertruck
is finally done. It’s one of the projects that were most
proud of here at Hacksmith Industries. We’re getting close to completing the
Cybertruck. We just need to finish the windows, painting, the tailgate, dashboard… Gibberish We need to add the weatherstripping across the top of the hinge. Oh and don’t forget the air struts, so the top window actually stays up so you can get in. And then we’ll be
ready for the grand reveal. The half scale Cybertruck…dashboard. You want to actually slide
it through the window? Make sure we don’t scrape. How do you think this going? Not great, turn it. I don’t entirely agree with what we’re doing but I’m not gonna stop it. That’s approximately what it looks like. So we just got the windows installed temporarily into the vehicle. So then we can align our
dashboard make sure that it’s perfectly straight. It looks good we’ll roll it
into place and then we’ll see if the marble fits in. Just be careful with the windows we don’t scratch them. So this side is gonna go underneath that lip there. How does that look like on your end? This side sags a little bit. So when we’re actually welding it
we’re gonna make sure to hold it up I’m pretty happy with that. Let’s put a
tack on either end and then we’ll be able to take the windows back out do the
full welds and hopefully make the mounts for these as well. Alright that’s it’s just
about perfectly. Yeah, looks good. Alrighty that’s it that’s all? No Cybertruck would be complete without
its unique folding tailgate design. I’ve been here trying to make it work on
our half scale model and I think I figured it out, let me show you how it works. So first we’ll have a hinging lid which will open
in order to access the mechanism. Then there’s two supports that will fold out
that’ll actually provide strength to the body of the ramp, and finally the ramp
will be able to slide out and unfold like a staircase so you can drive up it. There’s a lot of moving pieces in the design so it’s important that we have an
accurate model to ensure that when we build it it can unfold properly. Alright that’s the last little bit of
welding done on the tailgate so now we’ve got a nice working lid. So the next step is to assemble the whole thing let me show you how it goes together. Now that we know everything fits let’s go mount it on the vehicle. This part of the CyberTruck built was
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on my link in the description below by Raycon.com slash Hacksmith to save 15% off your purchase of earbuds. I’m working on break lines. For the? Powerloader? Cybertruck. This thing will feel so much
more fun to drive when there’s actual breaks on it. With such a heavy truck
we have to make sure to be able to stop on dime. We’ve got the mechanical brakes
installed on the truck which are not only to be more responsive but also more
reliable than electronic braking alone. So our Digi-Key order just came in and
these are some of the last parts we’re going to need to finish up the
electronics in our Cybertruck and this is what I’m really excited about. This is
actually our power supply which will be able to charge our Cybertruck from zero
to 100% in under three hours and uses 220 volts which means we’ll be able to
charge it off of any AV charging station. Thank You Digi-Key for making this very
complicated electronics project very convenient. If you’d like to see the full
schematic diagram of the Cybertruck check out the Maker.io link in the
description below. So what I’m currently working on is setting up the Canbus communication. between the ASI motor controllers and the tablet app. So we start off over here where you can see the signal being produced by the
controller that Ken Line is being picked out by the Arduino and translated to
show our voltage, motor rpm, motor current, vehicle speed, and the temperatures of
the controller of the motor. Finally it’s being sent over to the app
you’ll be able to display all of our information as well as control things
like our lights. Alright so we were planning on finishing the inside of the
Cybertruck using this fake leather vinyl wrap. The problem is we found out it’s
kind of hard to apply on the inside of the car. Usually it’s meant to go on the
outside of the car. there’s a lot of seams which we didn’t
really like look up and then if we ever want to repair it we’d have to make more
seams. So instead we’re gonna go with truck bedliner. Basically a black
rubberized heat coating that’s nice and durable. I think it will give a really nice consistent finish over the entire inside
of the Cybertruck and then we can also use that for the outside edges like the
fenders and the bumpers so let’s strip down the entire Cybertruck
I’ll get that truck bedliner on order and then we’ll be able to finish the
Cybertruck. now that the interior and the exterior
of the cyber truck are dry we got to peel off all the masking tape and see
what it looks like in the last video you saw exactly how
much torque this thing has I mean literally we were making smoke in the
garage just burning those tires out but we want even more torque so Stan’s
agreed to upgrade the rear motor for us so it has even more power let’s go mmm good 17 so we’ve got some new motors
we do I’m excited the motor that you’re gonna put in for
the higher torque application what we’ve done is we used multiple thin conductors
in parallel a lot of the motors in the high power motors that you see have been
wound by hand so that and they’re able to get the high currents through the
first motor you’ve run either the hybrid magnet we’ve taken a small amount of
neodymium and backed it up with a ceramic magnet but for our new motor
it’s Jerry neodymium very thick neodymium magnets you can have a higher
flux level without the magnetizing to the magnet the higher flux level will
just lead to higher torque between the neodymium magnets and the more wire
wraps we’re gonna be able to run more power through the motor get more torque
the new rear motor has a hundred and thirty Newton meters of torque add that
to the front motors with 720 mutineers of torque together as 850 Newton meters
of torque for comparison and f-150 v8 five liter engine only has four hundred
foot-pounds of torque at the engine which of course means we’re gonna
challenge it to a tug of war in the next video so now that we’re done painting the
interior and the trim of the cyber truck we just need the finishing touches to
get this thing done I’ve just finished programming an RFID
module for a Tesla cyber truck which we use to scan the unique identifiers on
each one of these key tags if it matches what’s programmed into the Arduino the
trip zips relay and opens our left it’s really awesome seeing the entire
electronic system work cohesively with the app the driving mode tab allows us
to control things like our ignition driving mode gear shifter and even
things like our door locks and tailgates you can even open the charging port letting tab gives us full control over
every light bar in the entire car including the headlights off-road lights
secure truck bed taillights and fog lights as well as a hue and brightness
and finally the motor control tab shows with all of our canvass information –
every motive these are the finishing touches to give the cyber truck done all right so at long last the cyber
truck sorry the half scale cyber truck is finally done it took a bit longer
than we expected I think when we first started out we were expecting to finish
it in like two weeks which wasn’t really realistic especially
with all the design and project creep we had we just kept thinking of all these
cool attachments and bells and whistles to add to this thing which ended up
making it awesome like the charge port like we can literally charge this at any
evey charge station that’s freaking awesome and all the LEDs the iPad is the
– even the marble dashboard like we didn’t have to do that at all but
because we did it’s a really polished project and I think probably one of the
projects that were most proud of here at hack Smith industries now you guys might
be wondering how much did a project like this cost to make
well component-wise there’s about $10,000 worth of parts in this not
including the motors and speed controllers that we got for free from
accelerated systems incorporated on the labor end of things we’ve put about
$40,000 worth of time into it which means this half scale cyber truck cost
more than a real cyber truck crazy right but that’s the cost of prototyping
things cars are only cheap because of mass production if I had to guess I bet
the real cyber truck prototype cost upwards of a million dollars anyways we
have a super awesome test planned and grand reveal video make sure you’re
subscribed notifications turned on you’re not come on

100 Replies to “We built a 1:2 SCALE CYBER TRUCK! (Part 4/4)”

  1. Make sure you're subscribed with notifications turned on! Next week's test video pits our half scale cyber truck against a FULL SIZE F-150! WHO WILL WIN!?

  2. Hacksmith: *explains 1:2 scale Cybertruck torque in Newton-meters *
    Me: "That's cool, nice to know there's a different scale outside of imperial. What's the conversion to Foot-pounds?"
    Hacksmith: *compares to F-150 torque in Foot-pounds *
    Me: :/

  3. I still. Think the cyber truck looks stupid and ugly plus I'm not a fan of EVs, but probs to you guys on actually building one.

  4. what i find odd is that it's "done", but you guys left the front and rear of the passenger compartment wide open, and exposed to the elements.

  5. 9:30 What's the deal switching torque units in the middle of a comparison? For the record, 850 Newton metres is 627 foot pounds, so 227 more than the truck.

  6. This is such a great build and it looks so good for how long it took!! But one thing I dislike IS HOW YOU MAKE US WAIT TO SEE IT IN ACTION!!!! I WOULD DISLIKE BUT THE BUILD DOESN’T DESERVE IT!

  7. Oh my god… does the actual cyber truck have a slab as it’s dashboard….. what the fk? So they don’t plan to hit anything in that tank then? That’s gonna fuck up some faces bad…….

  8. Wait, why didnt you convert ft lbs to nm at 9:36?
    Cybertruck 850.
    F150 ~542.
    Also worth mentioning that the F150 only has that much torque at specific powerband, an electric motor will pretty much always have that power no matter the rpm.
    but this is comparing apples to oranges because the f150 has a multispeed transmission, a torque converter, and a reduction differential, the transmission in first has a ratio of 4.69:1 and a differential ratio of 3.55:1.
    It makes peak torque 4,500 rpm, so multiply that by the above figures and you get ~9,000 nm of torque. that is not counting the torque converter which most-likely will be stalled by 4,500 rpm. This does not account for parasitic losses.
    The truck can weigh up to 5,600 lbs (or ~2578 kg).
    This torque figure and weight will be hard to beat, although I dont know of any reduction gears on your rear hub. the fronts are direct drive. if you allow the truck to perform at peak rpm (as you should) then you would most likely lose.
    This is all of course conjecture until we see the proof but I would recommend that you show the tachometer during your towing contest.

  9. probablemente unos de los comentarios en español
    pero me gusto mucho lo que hicieron chicos ojala ya terminen con el mega robot

  10. At 9:27, 850 N-m of torque for the electric motor array, BUT F150 has 400 ft-lbs.
    GET REAL guys, use common units, stay SI 400ft-lbs = 543 N-m.
    The Cyber Truck is 56% more total torque at the wheels, compared to what the F150 has a the flywheel.
    The Cyber Truck has it instantly, electric motors do not need RPM to develop power.

  11. On the plus side, you are not dependent on the Tesla vehicle maintenance system. If it breaks you can fix it and the software isn't proprietary so Tesla cannot shut you down or disable you. If it were full size and street legal I would buy one from you guys. Keep up the amazing work. 🙂

  12. that attention to detail is insane.. the ipad is over the top in an epic way. surprised you got real marble dash in there.. wasn't the real one just wallpaper?

  13. Yo where can I get one of these. I love the entire fact that they built an entire working half scale cybertruck and can't wait for the next vid. Keep up the great work hacksmith.

  14. tug of war only really matters on tires, how inflated they are, its only a cool demonstration, but does not accurately display torque differences

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