Wedding Photography: 3 Tips for Better Client Meetings

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  1. I just found your channel and I’m huge fan already. Your channel is the perfect combination of photo techniques and photo technology. Love it

  2. Just a side note I sometimes ruin a client meeting on purpose when I've ran into a few bridezillas or groomzillas. Does not happen a lot up I can't stand pushy people. I had one groom wanting a full list of all my gear and he had a note pad and he was writing everything down. Had one groom ask me about my lighting did not even look at my portfolio. The worst ones seem to be the boyfriends and they are into photography and they come with their girlfriends and they are like I'm going to checkout this guy if he's legit or not.

    I've had brides asking I want to do all these poses and I do a lot more candid stuff. I do poses put only poses I know. I will try other poses, but I don't want some bride bring me photos of someone like Jerry Ghionis. I might not even be able to pull them off that good. Had one bride email me and say all I care about is price.

    Some people are not worth the headache in the long run.

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