Wedding Photography: 4 Tips For Getting Started as a Wedding Photographer

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  1. Thank you for this!!
    Question for you/ would you consider using the xt30 as a 2nd camera for a wedding?? Curious since it only has 1 card slot😉

  2. Oddly enough I was also an audio engineer, currently working as a videographer for a YouTube channel and wanting to branch out into wedding photography as a side business.

  3. Dude, your quality is so crisp it hurts my eyes (true story). I love the light blue blackdrop. Gives a certain calmness to the video! Great story as well!

  4. Great tips. Regarding Thumbtack, we used to use it also. Recent changes ruined it for anyone but the low quality/high-volume photographers, imo. //Andrew

  5. Great vid, thanks! Wish you were a portrait photographer so I could steal your insights into my side of the business 😊 I love how this vid addresses meta-issues and not gear or technique. Business insight and experience based tips like this are priceless.

  6. i will start soon my wedding photography business, i am a second shooter with alot of good pictures but i cant use them for my online portfolio because they are not my clients. so the only two options for me is to go to an expensive workshop to take some pictures or to use stock pictures at least for my online presence just to get me started

  7. Thank you, Mr. Branch! You answered a lot of my questions. You also gave me some excellent ideas on how to get started. I am ready to pull the trigger. I appreciate you sharing your wisdom and look forward to more great videos.

  8. Recently found your channel and I love your videos! Starting out as a wedding photographer and your videos have given me so much inspiration!

  9. Awesome stuff man! I’m in the midst of getting started and just feel lost. These tips are definitely helpful to get myself into gear and start hustling more.

  10. Hello. New subscriber here. May I ask what do we need to tacle within the meeting for wedding? Hoping for our clients soon. Thanks love from PH ❤

  11. I've been trying to second shoot but. . . seems like no one really wants to give you a chance if you aren't experienced. Go figure.

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