Welcome to Master Drone Photography!

welcome everyone I’m Jerome welcome to master drone photography in this channel I’m going to show you everything you need to start taking an editing amazing drone photography just like this i love drone photography because it’s still new no not everything has been taking from a drone point of view just last year some of my work was published in the DJI book above the world and was featured in countless websites and got thousands of shares online and I was possible because i knew photography before before i started taking drone photography I knew the basics of composition i knew and understood lighting and most importantly I need how to edit my photography good editing is what takes your photography from good to great and this is why I wanted to start this channel to help you guys really understand how to manipulate your images how to get the best of your images give them contrast colors that you can really be proud of and start understanding really and applying all these editing techniques to your images so we’ll be looking to lightroom and photoshop and I’ll show you all the tricks you need to really bring to life for photography i would be testing a new tutorial every week or make sure that you subscribe on the channel or visit my website so you don’t miss out you don’t want to be that guy left in the cold merci

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