What does DSLR mean? A simple explanation of how your camera works

Today we want to give you the easiest explanation
of what DSLR means so you will never forget. Hi Photographers , Welcome to Easy Camera
Lessons. The best photographs evoke emotion and tell real stories. We’ve designed these
lessons to help you to feel more confident to get out there and tell your stories with
your photographs. The letters DSLR actually tell us a lot about
our cameras’s design, the D is really obvious because it’s a digital camera but what about
the rest? Okay so let’s get on to the S in DSLR. The
S stands for single and it means single lens because before the SLR design cameras had
one lens on the top to look through and one lens to shoot through. When they invented
the the SLR they came up with this amazing technology that meant that the light that
came into the camera and the image is the same image that you see through your view
finder. The L in DSLR stands for lens, so know we
have D for Digital, S for Single and L for Lens. What does the R stand for? The R in DSLR stands for Reflex and it’s a
shortened version of reflection. The reason why is some amazing technology that’s here
inside your camera. When your image comes into your camera it
hits a little mirror and then it bounces up and goes into a prism that sends it out into
your eye exactly the same as you see it through the lens. When you hear a real clunk when you photograph
part of that is actually your mirror . It stops R for Reflecting for a minute and it
bounces up and the image goes straight into your sensor, so instead of coming in and hitting
the mirror and going up , the image is going straight through to your sensor to record
your photograph. So there you go DSLR, you’ve learnt something
easy one more thing to keep up there for when you
need it.

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  1. I sent this video to a friend who wanted to know what the meaning of DSLR meant. I found this video very good and explained very clearly how a DSLR camera works in an easy to understand manner. Well done to all concerned in making this camera tuition video.

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