What Is The Best Camera For Youtube?

Hi! It’s Tyrone Shum from Outsourcinglive.com
and welcome to the dedicated channel where I teach you about how to outsource your videos. Now, a very common question that people are
always, always asking is “What camera shall I use?” Because once you’ve recorded your
content like what I’m doing right now, you’re going to have to send it over to your video
editor. So what is that’s really, really quick and easy and also what is very efficient to
be able to get across to them. And there’s really two options. One, is to
use a very basic camera for people who are on a budget which I’m going to share with
you shortly. Or two, use a little bit more advanced camera which is the current one that
I’m using right now to record on. And both is really dependent on your budget and also
depending on the quality of the video that you want to get out there. Obviously the more you pay for a particular
camera, the better the quality you’re going to get but it won’t break an arm and a leg. All right so the first one that I’ve been
using for quite some time before I actually upgraded to this camera that I’m currently
recording on is a Kodak Zi8 camera. This is a very nice, very thin and very light camera
that I’ve been using and I had a 32GB card in here to be able to record all my high definition
videos. Now the reason why this is a great camera
is one, it has an external microphone which you can just plug in onto the side right over
here. I don’t know if you can see it actually right here but basically you just plug in
that condenser mic which is I’m going to talk a little bit more about that but plug that
straight in, mount that into a tripod and then hit the remote to record where you can
get a separate remote and you’re up and away. That’s exactly what I did for quite a long
time. When you have look at a lot of my videos, I had at least about almost 100 videos that
I recorded using the Kodak Zi8 camera. And it’s a great camera because it records in
high definition and the video files are quite small in comparision. So that’s – that’s what I would recommend.
I noticed that a lot of other people also recommend the Flip Mino, but unfortunately
the Flip Mino doesn’t have any of the external mic plugin unless you want to spend extra
money but this is a really good budget camera that you can pick up. You can buy from Amazon
or eBay or anything like that and I’ll make sure I’ll put a link down below so that way
you can check it out directly. So that one is very good because you can upload
easily, send to your video editor and he’ll be able to do it straightaway. Now the second option which is a little bit
more advanced and also too, it records very, very high quality and you can see just from
the recording is called the Canon T3i Rebel. And I’m not going to take the credit that
I found this. This was actually recommended to me by my good friend Gideon Shalwick from
GideonShalwick.com and he uses a little more advanced camera which is the next model up
but for me, I’m happy with this one because this one has been really focused on allowing
me to record videos. And just again, it does have an external mic so the great thing is
I can plug this mic that I’ve got on clipped on me straight into the camera and start to
share with you. So what I’ll do is I’ll put the link below
but it’s called the Canon T3i Rebel which is an SLR camera and it allows you to be able
to record well, videos up to at least 12 minutes or so then after that you can edit it from
there. Now, one word of caution, these cameras these
particular Canon cameras record very, very large file and there’s little trick that I’m
going to share in the future video on how to be able to get this sent over to your video
editor in a smaller format and I think apparently right now it records up to about 300MB per
minute so if you’re going to do a 10-minute video, it’s going to be about 3GB which is
quite big. Whereas in comparison, the Kodak Zi8, for about a 5-minute video that I used
to record, it will only be about 200-300MB so it’s a fraction of that size so you just
have to take that in consideration when you’re working with you and outsourcing it over to
your video editor overseas. All right so yeah, these are really the two
cameras that I highly recommend. Make sure that whenever you’re getting a camera, you’ll
also get a lapel mic which is what I’m currently holding right now, you can sort of see it
on me. But basically it’s just a mic that just clips onto you and plug it straight into
your camera and it gives you much, much better quality of sound. And you can pick up these for like $30 or
so from like Dick Smith or Tandy store and that’s what I’ve done. Okay so yeah, hopefully this video has helped
you there. If you’ve got any further questions, feel free to leave your comments down below
and I’ll be more happy to answer them but these are one of the two the cameras that
I’ve been using for quite some time and I – I cannot just – I cannot say how great they
are because they’re just – brilliant. So give it a go, check it out and let me know what
you think. All right, thanks so much for watching this.
My name is Tyrone Shum from Outsourcing Live and remember, just outsource it. Now, if you like more resources like this
one, you can find them inside Mass Outsource Mastermind along with video tutorials and
step by step instructions showing exactly how I use them. To get a 30-day no risk trial
membership to Mass Outsource Mastermind, simply visit FreeVideoSet.com. Until next time, I
wish you success in your quest for outsourcing.

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  1. I'm on a 200-250 dollar range not 500 dollars so what camera would be the in-between of the two types of camera that you would recommend ?

  2. For everyone looking into the Canon I would recommend to install the Magic Lantern Firmware if you want to record video with it- it will give you more control on what the camera does and helps you with overlays, etc. to get the best image. It takes quite a while to get into all the options, but it's definitely worth it.

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  5. It's very simple, the best camera is the one that you use and gets the shot. Whether it's an iPhone or a Sony FS700 or a Red Giant it really doesn't matter.

  6. You want an editor? I will be happy to do it, obviously at a price of 55 euros an hour ex-tax.
    But learning how to edit is so much fun. You can now lease access to Adobe's Premiere Pro. A single app will cost you $20 a month and the whole suite $50 or $60 per month. Learning how to edit your own footage makes it more personal and you learn better how to make the right shots to tell your story and it's pretty easy to learn and fun!

  7. Adobe Premier Pro is the industry standard for editing videos, has all the options. You can also try Sony Vegas, Final Cut Pro

  8. For those who want to know which editor is best, you must choose Adobe premiere Pro because it's the industry standard used in movie editing, news editing……You can just learn how to use it with tutorials online.

  9. Thanks for sharing Tyrone. I am new at making videos. I thought I would start showing clients what I see. Any ideas? I would like to get the Canon. That looks like the way to go.

  10. I searched in future shop best buy la source and 3 other places and none of them had the lapel mic its driving me crazy, now I am forced to buy it online but I don't know if it is going to work on my Canon SX50 HS 50 optical zoom. So is the lapel going to work on my camera or not and if so what do you recommend. Thank you

  11. lol, really don't need the english subtitled in english. . .ya speak priddy freakin cleear. Take if from a NYer, owa English is just about perfektthhtlvjofdihfkwecmoimzdc. Nic vid! Thanks for the help!!!

  12. Thanks for sharing this! The set up you are using for this video is what I am interested in investing for my videos. Question I have is would this set up be just as good for music videos for singers?

  13. So I'm new at all this and I'm probably going to ask for the Kodak zi8 for Christmas, but my question is how do you export your videos on the camera to your computer? Is there some kind of chord you use or a memory card that you take out of the camera and plug into the computer? Please answer

  14. Hi Tyrone. I just purchased the Kodak Zi8 since I am a beginner. I was able to buy one used from ebay with all the accesssories. Can you tell me what software you used to edit the videos created on the Zi8. Since it is an old model, I am reading post from about 3 years ago, all complaining about the Zi8's audio codec ruining the ability to use professional editing software. Someone suggested Movie Edit Pro 14 or 15. What did you use?

  15. Awesome info!! I have the Canon T3i Rebel / 600D and find it very hard to get myself in frame and remain focused while I record. Is there another lens that I need? 

  16. What about the Flip Video.. I made several youtube video on this that transferred directly with easy usb port plug in, but now Cisco says they don't support software, can still export them and put on you tube though

  17. Okay so I really liked your video but, the problem is that the one that doesn't have a very big video file is not being made anymore so I was wondering if you knew of any other cameras that are like that but, just as good quality???

  18. look dude i trying to save some dough and while i was watching vid i went to store websites and those cameras ova $300 so i can't really afford that so you better tell me some other options that are a lot cheaper and the reason why i don't waste me money on those cams right now is i getting shingles on my house SO GIVE ME CHEAPER OPTIONS

  19. hi! that vidio was really helpfull, but i just want a camra with good sound so i can record singing and stuff, which one would you recormend?

  20. question for the t3i, what lense are you filming with currently? should get an 18-55?  what software are you using that allows you to put those blue text on the side your videos? please let me thank you

  21. WONDERFUL video! THNK U! I have 2 questions: 1.)What is the best way to support the Kodak zi8 while recording? 2.)What external mic do you recommend for this camera? Thanks in advance! 😀

  22. hello there i am planning to shoot documentary films and short films  i loved your video and would like some suggestions for  shooting videos

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