What’s a wide angle lens? – a digital photography beginner’s guide to your wide angle lens

Hi Photographers! Welcome to Easy Camera Lessons. We’ve designed
these tips to help you with your everyday photography with the things that you love
to photograph. Today we’re talking about wide-angle lenses.
We’ve covered most of the technical stuff over at EasyCameraLessons.com in a blog and
you can check it out there in plain and simple language. But let’s talk about what we would
use them for in our everyday photography. This sports camera, and this mobile phone,
and this DSLR all have wide-angle lenses and they’re pretty much the same. We’re really
used to using wide-angle lenses on our phones that’s why we can get big group shots and
be really close to the them because we’ve got a super wide angle of view. Having a wide-angle
lens means you can photograph so much more in your frame, you can get everything in. The technical definition of a wide-angle lens
is a lens with a focal length of less than 35 millimetres. Now that’s a swanky term so remember that and
just pop over to the blog and have a read through of what focal length means. But basically
if you just remember that it’s 35 millimetre or less, that’s a wide-angle lens. The numbers that help you see if you have
a wide-angle lens on your camera are on the front here. You can check them out, they should
be around the lens, or on the zoom like here. This is a zoom lens with a 24mm wide
angle. Another thing that wide angles are great for
is photographing really big things. So if you’ve got a really big building, or monument,
or a massive mountain range, then you need a wide angle lens. We’d love to see your successes with your
wide-angle lenses so share them on Instagram by tagging #ECLwideangle and everybody else
can see what your shooting and we can share those things together. Or you can share them
straight to our facebook page and we can give you some feedback if you like. But over on the blog is a blog post about wide-angle lenses and that’s at EasyCameraLessons.com.

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