What’s In My Camera Bag 2019 | Episode 19

This is my camera bag. It’s something that I carry with me every day because you never know when you’ll find
something to shoot. So let’s go over what I carry in here that helps me get the shots that
you often see in this series. Now depending on what I plan to shoot I’ll often sub out some gear for something else but this is generally what I carry every day so let’s start with the backpack. This is a Peak Design Everyday Backpack
and I absolutely love it. It has way more features that I thought I
would ever need from a backpack like it’s fully customizable inside, it has tons of pockets to store little things and even larger things and if you already use Peak Design Camera Straps this goes really well with it because a lot of it
connects to each other. And to top it off it’s really comfortable. Plus look how good it looks. All right let’s move on to what I actually carry. So the camera I always shoot with is the a7s2 it’s what I’m shooting with now and it has a great picture quality, and it’s low-light
capabilities make it really flexible for me so that’s why I always use it. Typically about 90% of the footage I shoot with it is on the Sony 24 to 70 millimeter f/4 lens and it’s not the best lens, it’s not the worst lens, but it gets the job done. I like that I have a variable focal
length so I can kind of get a little wide, and a little up close shots. And for all the shots I don’t get with that lens I use a 10 to 18 millimeter f/4 Sony
lens. It’s a wide lens, almost too wide at times but I absolutely love it. So those two lenses cover a wide focal length but sometimes I got to get up close and instead of actually buying a macro lens, I found these macro tubes on Amazon for like 20 bucks. And they just attach to
your lens and they allow you to get your lens a little closer to your subject and
focus in on it. much like a macro lens does. They’re just a really cheap way to get
some pretty good results. Then to make sure I get some good audio on that
camera I use the Rode Videomic Pro. Of course if you know anything about Sony
cameras and especially the a7s2 you know you need a ton of batteries. So I carry about five with me at all times and I make sure to keep those things charged. For when I’m outside I like to use this Gobe ND filter. It’s a variable ND filter so it makes it a lot easier on partly cloudy days or when you’re going from inside to outside. I actually talk about this ND filter in a previous video so check that out up there. I always try and carry a GoPro with me. Specifically the GoPro Session. It’s an older GoPro but it still gets the job done and makes getting time lapses pretty easy. And most of the time I’m carrying two because I like to leave this one in the tripod and just set it somewhere do a time-lapse ,
and then I use this one kind of as a point of view camera and just stick it in my mouth. This is a camera that I always carry with me but I rarely use it. It is the Ricoh Theta 360 S. So it’s a 360 camera, has dual lenses, and of course can do 360 footage. I just don’t really shoot it that often and when I do use it, I use it for photos. And of course I wouldn’t be a YouTuber if I didn’t use the Joby Gorillapod. It’s not the most amazing thing in the world but there’s not many better ways to shoot vlog style and the flexible legs can be pretty helpful at times. I almost always carry my drone with me specifically the DJI Mavic Pro. It’s the first one and maybe I’ll upgrade in the future but this thing still gets great footage. And somehow I haven’t crashed it yet. *Making drone noises* Of course when you’re carrying a drone
you have to bring the controller with you and it never hurts to have an extra
battery just in case you want to fly multiple times. I also carry some extra blades again just in case I happen to crash it – for the first time. And finally I did purchase some cheap ND filters off of Amazon. They really do make a difference and help get that cinematic motion blur. I’m a big fan of mobile filmmaking and photography so I always make sure I carry with me
my Moment lenses. Since I always have my iPhone in my Moment case with me, carrying these lenses is kind of a no-brainer. Then of course I need a computer to edit
everything that I shoot so I carry with me my 15-inch MacBook Pro. With that I carry with me my Macbook charger, a HyperDrive dongle because Apple’s stupid and they don’t realize I need to plug my SD card into my laptop. And I edit off of this super fast SanDisk SSD. And I wouldn’t be cool if I
didn’t bring my AirPods with me. So cool. That’s all the main gear I carry and
then of course I carry some accessories to go along with it like: an iPhone to USB C cable to connect my laptop. A regular USB to Lightning cable for everything else. A USB micro cable. A Pelican SD card case to keep them all safe. An iPhone mount. Actual wired earbuds just in case. Some rechargeable AA batteries. And a cleaning cloth. Somehow I fit all of that gear into my camera bag. There’s links in the description to all the gear that I listed so if you want to go into more detail
just check out those links. And let me know in the comments below if you
want me to talk about some of the other gear that I use because there is some of it I just don’t carry it every single day. If you enjoyed this video make sure you hit that subscribe button. I’m Jason Luong the Video Ninja and I’ll see you next week.

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  1. Jason, this is was one of my favorite videos yet. So crisp and clean. Love the design. Sick camera bag. I still have my gorilla pod and use it literally every day. That yellow bg and the lighting was sick. Keep up the good work my dude.

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