What’s in the Photo and Video Editing Setup for 2018

Hello right, come with me. As you may
know I’ve been moving house recently it’s been hard work it’s affected the
channel and I was ill this week so there’s no video last week….it’s just been a
bit difficult but now, but now it’s all coming together and the new office is
set up I’ve got a few new bits to show you as well so let’s get the camera set
up on the tripod and we’ll see how things look right let’s go. How’s that
looking? Is it okay? I can’t decide if I need the blind up or
the blind down. Blind up….. Blind down I think I’m gonna blind up today it’s a
nice sunny day so I can also adjust the strip lights behind me to a different
color. Got red there, nice little blue hue, green Philips hue system pretty cool. Right I
think we’re ready so let’s go!! A really important part of a nice photo
and video editing setup is to have a nice space to do it in and I’m not
really talking about size or anything like that but just a place where you can
go you can concentrate and get your work done
I’ve had it where it’s just been a computer in the corner of a room at the
last place I had a full-blown home studio now that I’m here I’ve got this
office which is a bit smaller but the kids needed a bit of extra space so it’s
a compromise that I’ve made but it’s still a nice space, it’s peaceful and it
just allows me to get on with my work and really be creative and productive so
that’s the first thing I’m also got this really quite nice new desk that I’ve
invested in just to really enhance that and get everything I need into the setup
as I’ve mentioned a few times before on top of all of this I’m doing
I was also running a part-time job just to keep a little bit of security for the
family and things but about three weeks ago
I quit that job and I’m now full-time at this what-whatever this is photographer
filmmaker youtuber not quite sure I’m gonna be doing a lot of different things
on and off channel moving forward but they are all
going to include photo and video creation and therefore editing so I
wanted to get the setup just right and I’ve invested a bit of money in to doing
that and the first thing is this brand-new iMac Pro it’s an absolute
beast of a machine it’s the iMac Pro with 10 cores and it’s
just going to be the center of everything I do it’s gonna be the
workhorse it’s gonna be the powerhouse and it’s just gonna drive everything I’m
doing moving forward it’s also frighteningly expensive but I just think it’s gonna be
the right thing to do it’s gonna make me productive I don’t need to worry about
Lightroom and Premiere Pro slowing down like it used to on my laptop and to be
fair I recently sold my old iMac from 2009 for 500 pounds after nine years of
using that machine if the economy of this one proves to be anything like that
then I will definitely get my money’s worth and it will be worthwhile….. it will
definitely be a worthwhile investment I then also have the second monitor
hooked up that is the viewsonic VP2785 4K
it’s a monitor that’s being created specially for photographers it has 99%
coverage of the Adobe RGB color space and it also comes from the factory calibrated
I’m going to now be using this as my main monitor for editing photos and it
also now something I didn’t realize you do is it’s going to act as the main window
for my video editing to see what is actually going on in the main timeline
so it’s really nice you can see how that works there and it’s just gonna again
just make me bit more productive and just make things a bit more easy and
seamless the iMac itself has one terabyte of built-in storage that’s on
an SSD it’s very very fast but obviously one terabyte is not really going to be
big enough for storing all my photos and video files so for that which I
mentioned in the week I’ve got the Drobo 5d 3 that connects via Thunderbolt 3 I
think it is and it’s fast it’s big it’s got 18 terabytes of storage so that will
keep me going at least for the next couple of years
and I can add in extra hard drives as that storage requirement comes up in the
future next thing since my livelihood now depends completely on this setup I
have invested in a battery backup system with the move I had a couple of times
when the power tripped out and the computer and the Drobo died and when I
turned it back on on one occasion the Drobo just wasn’t working
thankfully I managed to get it going again but having that fail and losing
files temporarily and having to restore things from backups takes time I don’t
want that so I’ve now invested in this battery backup system if the power now
dies everything’s plugged in to that and it
will keep everything going for about an hour or so until the power comes back on
and I can get everything saved and shut down the computer safely so I don’t risk
losing any files if I’m out when that happens the Mac has a built-in
management system that will shut everything down as well so it’s a really
nice thing to have and it’s just gonna keep me going and keep everything safe
so I don’t lose out when things go wrong next up we have the printer here this is
the canon pro 10s it’s a really nice printer I’ve had it for a little while
now all the prints that I sell are printed using that machine I’m going to
be making a video about printing coming up pretty soon so we’ll talk about that
a bit more then. So as you know as you’re sitting down you’re editing videos
you’re editing photos it takes time and it can get tiring sitting at the screen
so you need a break from the screen every now and again and for that I’ve
got a little bit of entertainment I have the guitar I also have this external sound box
that’s connected to the computer that lets me plug in speakers and the
all-important headphones for those late night editing sessions I can still
listen to music and edit videos without disturbing the family. Post-processing
wise on the computer I’m using Adobe Lightroom for my photo editing I very
rarely go into Photoshop these days now and again maybe and then for the video
I’m using Adobe Premiere Pro. I really love the Adobe system it keeps
everything seamless across all your devices and just keeps productivity and
creativity right at the front and just keeps everything flowing really really
nicely if you haven’t got a dhobi Lightroom and Photoshop and things or
you have not tried it before I’ll put a link down below for you to get a free
trial and I’ll put links to all the gear that I’ve got down in the description
below so you can check it out at your leisure
as well please do leave a comment down below and I really want to know is there
something that could enhance my photo and video editing that have missed that
you use I’d really love to hear from you also please subscribe to the channel if
you liked the video and I’ll be out and about again very soon doing some
landscape photography anyway I hope you’ve enjoyed this one I’ll see you on
another video very very soon I’m Adam this is first man photography, for
the first time coming at you from the new office bit of a cough still Out!!

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