What’s Priyanka Chopra’s Biggest Fear? | Exclusive Photoshoot & Interview | VOGUE India

It’s like that That’s something I always do in the club! Home. In my bed.. Because I’m never there I have an Indian cook And she cooks Indian food everyday! Every f-o-o-o-o-d!! Fear itself. I don’t like being afraid of anything! Sun. Snow..sometimes too. Either be my manager or my mother Grey’s Anatomy. Castle. CSI. Thank you!! Awesome.

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  1. Love u so so much Piggy Chops…..! U r rlly gorgeous…. n dt spontaneous nature of yours is smthn dt brins out ur beauty even more….!😘

  2. A very informative piece. All Priyanka fans can join me in the latest gossips on the PriyankaRocks community on CommunityZapp.

  3. aey me is you. aey. sent. sundry this. break fuek. mey. computer. plies. week. com to. hoehs. okey loch. heel. fuels gues. What. doo mey. shoes.

  4. Gorgeous stuff!!! Sexy, radiant, graceful and a beauty that admires for the billions of heart..Just being a LiKE👍 for her she iS nOne Other then Both Bollywood and Hollywood dam hot superstar she iS Our all dearset @_cHOps

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