What’s the Difference Between Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic??

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  1. Nice video! I mainly use classic on my laptop then CC on the go, I never realised the desktop version was so stripped back!

  2. Dope video man! I'm trying to learn how to use CC more so i can use it on my iPad, also… whats your switch ID 🙂 I see it back there on the desk.

  3. Maybe off topic but now do you like your hackintosh? I have one I have been using for the last two years and I’m having big problems with the graphics card.

  4. I got the photography package and didn’t realize about Lightroom classic cc so I was using the newer version and to my surprise it was very easy, but after a week I realized there was the classic cc .
    So right now I’m using classic but it’s confusing tbh I like the versatility of Lightroom cc because I can’t edit them on my phone and upload to Instagram !

  5. John, great video. I am getting back into photography and will start shooting in RAW for the first time. I currently have iOS devices with iCloud library on and using Photos so I can access ALL my pics.

    Just got Lightroom CC and quickly realized I want Classic CC too. I want to switch my plan to include it but was curious how I can integrate using Classic CC with Photos so I can still have all my pics (or a good selection of them) on my iOS devices. Appreciate your advice.

    Thanks again

  6. Thank you, this really heled me. I recently downloaded Lightroom CC and when I watch Lightroom videos, there's looks different than mine. I was very confused as to why I don't have certain options. Also I thought I was getting photoshop with my Lightroom CC for $10 a month but for some reason I don't have it. Maybe you can help me

  7. Hey John, great vid. Quick question, have you noticed a difference in quality when working with Fuji RAW files in Lightroom vs Capture One? I’ve noticed my Lightroom fumes are more grainy. Anyway thanks!

  8. I've mostly used Lightroom CC, nice clean UI and it's got what I need. I don't like the cloud aspect of it though. I also have classic installed just in case.

  9. I have two questions: 1. Why don't they integrate all features into Lightroom CC? 2. Why does Lightroom Classic look like Windows 95?

  10. Awesome video, thanks! Always used lightroom cc because I thought it's just the newer version, love your style btw ^^

  11. Great video John…just wanted to share the back ground music was a bit distracting for me…
    Thanks for the video…I just subbed

  12. I've been using LightRoom/PhotoShop for years, but I just upgraded to the Photography plan. Because I'm desktop based, I'm struggling to find a use for LightRoom CC at all. Do you use it as a "subset" to edit on the go? I'm wondering how to incorporate the CC workflow to post travel photos before getting back to the desktop. I use a Nikon D850. Ideally I'd use CC while travelling to edit and post photos to social media, and then add those files to a Classic catalog when I get back to the desktop. What are your thoughts? I'm brand new to CC.

  13. I've been using LR 5 for several years. I decided to see what LR CC would do and made the mistake of buying the monthly plan. I then found out that it doesn't support plugins like Photomatix Pro and, of course, has that limited export capability. I also found the editing features rather limiting compared to LR 5. I cancelled it after one week. Now I have to decide whether to stick to LR 5 or go for LR Classic.

  14. Really useful info – thank you! I’m always learning new tips and tricks in Lightroom! 😊

  15. I have the Photography plan. If I use Classic on my desktop but don’t have a wireless drive, is there some way to get to the catalog & smart previews easily on my iPad?

  16. Hi John, Thanks to your video I cancelled my Lightroom CC and got the Photographer package. I am starting to do Timelapse and (I believe) I need Classic. Thanks again

  17. Hell fire. I'm trying to concentrate on what the man is saying and there's some bloody irritating Jazz playing. Ditch the music if you're talking. If I wanted to listen to Jazz I would have searched for "Jazz".

  18. Thank you so much for this video, it really helped me with deciding what to buy. Your explanations were perfect for answering my questions !!! I shared this video subscribed 🙂

  19. Thanks for the simple and clear explanation. I have one question, which is the reason why I hadn't adopted Classic: If I have classic on the laptop, am I still able to sync the photos to the cloud somewhere so I can still edit on my ipad/iphone. I do more on the computer, but would still like to keep the mobile aspect available. Thanks.

  20. Could you do a video showing how your plan works? I have the same plan and I'm new to it and I cant find any videos with the same set up as I have.

  21. Currently running the photography package without the 1tb storage. Good deal at $10 a month…and I can justify also having Capture one Pro on the computer too while I decide which program I prefer. 👍🏽

  22. The exporting alone is why I can't invest in an iPad. I do most of my editing in LR but I export into PS for retouching.

  23. Thanks for this. I'll get the middle package. I photograph interiors and DIY projects so I definitely want the flexibility of the LR CC and Classic package. Just subbed

  24. If I have "Lightroom Plan" then do I need the mobile premium plan if I want to edit raw files on mobile devices? Dos the Lightroom Plan allow you to edit raw files on mobile devices?

  25. Love your channel John. I love Capture One Pro Fujifilm. I really think they are working behind the scenes on a mobile/cloud edition. Capture one is amazing.

  26. Is process for importing in the the new iPad new IOS as before? Do I need to import to photos or can be done straight foward like in the OS version?


  27. Cheers bruv, been using paintshop pro and aftershot for over a year now. Downloaded a cracked version of lightroom 5 and was blown away by the difference in editing between the two. Went on adobe uk website and can get the photography package, early black friday deal for £8.32 a month so its downloading as we speak. Ass for photoshop, watched so many tutorials i know if its the same difference between paintshop pro and photoshop i wont be dissapointed. Best thing, if im not having within 14 days, they give me a full refund and cancel the subscription. Great video and what i needed to see to make sure i had done the right thing. Oh yeah, forgot to say, setup is Dell inspiron. i7 processor, 24gb ram, GTX 1060 4gb Vram graphics card. Probably more suited to gaming but i use it for editing pics and doing my daughters youtube videos on her channel and stick to my gaming on ps4 pro, lol

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  29. Thank you for the explanation, very helpful! I just signed up to Adobe and I'm confused how these apps talk together (now in 2020 I guess it's Photoshop Lightroom and Lightroom Classic). If I edit photos in Classic, will the changes sync to PS Lightroom and its mobile counterparts…? Or are they completely separate?

  30. This is literally THE only video I found that answered all my questions and it was 5 minutes?! Well done, WELL DONE!! 🤝

  31. Great video! I just wanted to add one more this and it’s the reason for the 20 dollar package. That is because people who want to be able to save 1 tb of storage on the cloud. The reason for this is maybe if someone wants to use the cloud for storing everything instead of putting in an external hard drive or have two forms of back up as recommended by one of my photography instructors. 1 tb cloud storage is about 10 everywhere. Just a thought.

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