85 Replies to “Which ‘VEEP’ Actor Has The Dirtiest Mouth Off-Camera?”

  1. omg matt walsh playing mike's persona on the spot is actually pretty smart. i kinda miss mike being the press secretarty of WH lol

  2. The Canadians don't want those keys… keep them. But.. can ya maybe mow your lawn? Tow all the rusted out cars? Maybe stop burning all your trash when the wind blows towards our house? Thanks.

  3. You asked my question I’m so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was hoping to get Julia’s answer for Selina but still it was so great! I FUCKING LOVE VEEP

  4. I joined the beep party last year.. and-caught up voraciously… And Im gonna miss this show.. cause for me it's like weed was legal but i ever tried it.. and when i tried it and they then made it illegal.. WTF! #VEEPTHEMOVIE soon? cross fingers?

  5. I ADORE THIS SHOW!!! Loved that Stephen had all of them!!! Hope they win all the Emmys❤️❤️

  6. Ok,  so now the night talk show hosts invite the whole cast of televisions shows and talk total nonsense. Wow this is  just ridiculous and pandering to the idiot TV binge watchers. I thought, at least, Colbert was different. My wrong.

  7. I definitely believe Julia has the dirtiest mouth. It reminds me of that episode of Curb when Julia tells Larry that she wants to pitch a show to HBO so she can curse on camera. Then years later she really got her wish.

  8. Julia Louis-Dreyfus AND "Whose Dress Tastes Like Chocolate Mint"

    Tony Hale AND "Buster Bluth Goes To.Washington"

    Timothy Simons AND "One Half Of Requisite Cop Duo From 70s/80s TV Show Or Film"

    Gary Cole AND "Seedy Guy Who Will File Your Taxes On The Blackmarket"

    Matt Walsh AND "Man Whom Donald Trump Stole His Hairpiece From"

    Anna Chlumsky AND "Why Does Such A Pretty Young Woman Have The Shoulders Of A Football Player?"

    Sam Richardson AND "His Dress Shirt Has Hypnosis Superpowers"

    Sarah Sutherland AND "Dressed For A Swinger's Fumeral"

    Clea DuVall AND "BDSM Mistress Who Won't Ask You Again To Bend Over"

    Kevin Dunn AND "Grandma Transitioning Into Grandpa"

  9. VEEP is so big globally that I can buy the first 5 seasons on DVD in the middle of my mid-size town in Germany^^

  10. Losing one of the great comedies of the past decade. I love that one of the best satires of American politics was created by a Scot. Sure it was an adaptation of The Thick of It but only in the broadest sense. U.S. politics have a very different flavor from U.K. politics.

  11. I was lucky to be on set during an early taping before the show premiered. Seeing Anna's joy watching Julia perform made me a fan before I ever saw the show. She was practically jumping up and down.

  12. Does anyone else here watch this and deeply miss Sue? She was one of my favorite characters and was one of the funniest people on the show. Truly underrated and under appreciated.

  13. Veep had the perfect finale, watched GoT ep5 and it was a major letdown but then watched Veep finale and it made me feel better.

  14. Selina's fictional admin may be apolitical, but not only is Jonah's party obvious but is the current majority in the Senate (fed and state–incl. most governors), the Supreme Court, and the administrative branch. So the show makes me laugh, yes, but also cry. God help us.

  15. these talented successful folks are all so smart and thoughtful. yet when I look at them I think wow this idiot has a brain. how effective they were in their characters.

  16. I certainly hope that tim guy on bottom left is preparing to play Tom Seleck in a film because that is literally the only thing that would excuse that monstrocity of a mustache.

  17. The reason we cheer for Selena is because she is funny and viscious and sometimes you want to the baddy to win if they're doing it in a funny and smart way and it doesnt hae real life consequences.

  18. Fans of Veep should check out 'The Thick of It'. It's the show that Veep was based on/inspired by. Hilarious show.

  19. Seasons 1-5 I've watched about 50 times. It had a setting for comedy that I had never seen before. I also
    thought the status of the characters made the show funnier and more interesting.

  20. I think Tim's story is probably the most common story of people who work in DC.
    I recently moved to norther VA (near DC) and the DC culture is so stupid.
    Where I'm from, asking people what they do (for work) is to learn about them. But in this area, they treat it like a competition. 🙄

  21. Kind of a "side note" comment: always thought the actress who plays Selina's daughter kind of resembled the actress who played Paige (the daughter in The Americans).

  22. I'm in love with Sarah's legs and heels…Whoa! Great show with an awesome cast. Love comedies with sarcastic bite. Watching Veep all over again for the 4th time! Will be missed.

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