– (shivering noise) This
is a perfect case of Peter wildly underestimating the
weather in the mountains. I didn’t bring a jacket,
because I was like, “It’s summertime,” but
I’m in the mountains. It’s been all jet skis
and sunshine and I’m in a hoodie and it’s like
zero degrees and it snowed up here this morning (shivering noise) so I’m just trying to,
just trying to deal with this right now. This would probably be a
great time to introduce you to my favorite spot on planet Earth. Welcome to Marine Lake. Best spot on the planet. I mean, I don’t think I
really even need to say anything to convince you. Welcome to Canada. (serene music) What’s up dude?
– Not much man, how you doin’? – [Peter] I’m Pete.
– Matt. – [Peter] Nice to meet you. What time did you get here this morning? – 3:00, 3:30? – [Peter] 3:30?
Okay, we got here at 7:00 and we were like, “There’s
gonna be no one here, we’re hardcore,” and the
parking lot was full. And you got here at 3:00? – It was still half-full.
– [Peter] You got good shots? What do you got? Oh yeah, that looks awesome. Dude, it’s so different
being out on the water. – Yeah 100 percent. – Like it’s a completely
different perspective. – When these guys come in,
you’re more than welcome. – Oh, sick! – We’re renting it, but… – See, it pays off just
being nice and saying “Hi” to people that are doing
the same thing you are. Can I leave my gear with you?
– Yeah. – [Peter] If I go out? In Canada, you can just
trust people like that. It’s phenomenal. Yeah, watch. We’ll come back, Matt’ll
will be back in his home. – I’m boosting as soon as you leave. – He’s like, “Peace out, I
just lied about all of that. That’s not even my canoe.” Look how clear the water is guys. It’s just, it’s just perfect. It is so cold! Dude, that is frigid, ice, I mean, I guess technically it’s glacier water. Man, just look at it! It’s so clear. I love that. Got a new lens the other day, Canon sent me the new 720028 Mark III. It’s a dope lens, which
why I brought it to Banff, because it has come in handy so much here, because the compressions
you get with a telephoto lens is just incredible. It’s pretty nice. It’s pretty heavy, so
being that it’s in my camera bag right now, I
had to take my drone out of the camera bag, which
isn’t a huge deal ’cause you can’t fly drones
here anyway, so this was the substitute, but being
able to get that super tack sharp image with that
nice depth of field in the background just makes
those subjects pop so hard off the background,
like here’s the pictures of Matty for example,
(camera shutter sound) Here’s the picture from
yesterday (shutter sound) from the Santa Fe car that we
did, we took some shots of. You can just see how
crisp and sharp it is and the color reproduction is
just absolutely phenomenal, so I thought I would
show you guys this lens and maybe talk a little
about why telephoto lenses are a great tool to have
in your kit as well as exploring my favorite place on Earth and meeting new friends. What a great day already. All right, folks. It’s time to get in this
fun canoe that these friendly here people borrowed us. This guy’s from Toronto, too! And he knows my friends! I love Canada! How do I do this? What
do you mean just jump on? What if it tips? (strains) (laughs) Oh God! Canoe rule number 1, stay low. – [Matty] Stay low with
those lanky legs. (laughs) – Clearly done this before. I am not gonna move. My leg is cramping. I’ve done this before. Dude, you are like the canoe master. – Right, my mom gave
birth to me on a canoe. – [Peter] Evidently so. Look at you! Bear Grylls right here! Why did you start a tra-
you should start a channel about how to survive in the wilderness. You look good doin’ it, too. Look at this guy here. I’m gonna give the vlog
some slow mo of you paddling this canoe. (EDM music) – You know you have a paddle, too. You could paddle. It’s not just me. I’m good, (laughs). – Classic Peter. – Someone has to document this epicness. I’ve taken on that task. You’re welcome. – First time touching the water. – [Peter] Yeah, dude, for
those photos you were takin’ my hand was just frozen. I’m not joking when I say
the water is cold, like it’s glacier water. This is probably like
five or six degrees, so it is no joke. If this thing flipped,
it would suck pretty bad, so good thing Matty’s
a master at canoeing. – It’s just my legs. – I’m just admiring
this vlogging technique. That is impressive. – You gotta do what you gotta do. – All right, we survived. We’re back. How do I get out? How do you actually get out of this thing? Is there a YouTube video
we can watch real quick? Is there a tutorial?
– How to get out of canoe. – I fully feel capable. There we go. All right you’re on your own Matty. – Thanks. – Cheers buddy. See you later. You’re gonna do it. – [Matt] No I’m not. – This dude’s gonna go
swimming in the glacier lake, and it’s like, I just
had my hand in the water, you saw that tasty shot. Hell no. But if he’s gonna do
it, I’ll gladly film it. Crazy! Dude, the vlog thanks you. I wish I had the courage
to jump in this lake. I just don’t but I’m
gonna live through your demonstration of manliness here. This is gonna be great. (dramatic music) Oh dude. – Naked? – [Peter] No. – I was about to say, I was like, – [Peter] No, children watch this vlog! Oh that’s just cold just to watch. It’s happening. Okay, Matt are you ready?
– [Man] Don’t jump off yet. – Okay, guys. It’s windy, he’s gonna jump. This is it. Three, two, one (dramatic music) Oh my goodness! What? How? Oh my goodness, dude. You did it! You actually did it!
– What do I get out of it? – [Peter] How cool are you right now? – I can’t really tell yet. It could be a couple hours. I’ll put his Instagram right here. Give this guy some love. Thanks for that, man. That was great. It was
nice meeting you guys! – Nice to meet you! – [Peter] Thanks for the canoe. – Peace out. – [Peter] See you back in the six. – See you back in the six. – [Peter] Bye friends! – [Matty] Thinkin’ ’bout
how much gear’s in here. – Those guys were awesome. I love making friends. Dude, I’m really, really cold. – I don’t know how you’re surviving. I at least have this jacket. – Like it’s just going’ down fast. – We did not prepare for this at all. – No I’m like shivering
right now, but we still need to get B roll shots
and do some actual photos here and we actually have
to work now instead of watching that guy jump
in the lake (laughs). We’ve done nothing since we’ve been here. – [Matty] Well I canoed a little bit. I paddled. – [Peter] You paddled. – I did a little bit of work. – Cinematic sequence…begin. (rock music) – Okay, so we stopped the car
because look at this road. It’s an endless incredible
road and I wanted to show you guys how I can use that new
7200 and the compression that a telephoto lens has
to get some cool floating shots kinda like the
twirl we did months back, months back with my
friend The Brightest Hour when he’s teaching me
how to jump all lifeless, so I figured this would
be the perfect background for that and I’ll show
you the difference between a wide lens at like 35
in that compression and like a 7200 and the compression that has and how it looks. Oh so crispy! But before we get into that,
this is the perfect road for running and Matty and like to
shoot B roll with running, so (electronic music) All right, how did that go? – I think we need to work out more though. – [Peter] Well that was working out. – Is that working out? – [Peter] 100 percent. – Just like work out
so then we can actually do this properly and not be dead. – I don’t know. These are my wounds from yesterday. Not bad. Opened this one up on
the rocks this morning. Other than that, pretty good. That’s the thing with
those running sequences, you have to do it like seven times to make it look like one shot. It’s hard work. – And then when you
forget to put it in 120, you have to do them two
times over that seven, right? – [Peter] Yeah. We did the whole first sequence at 60 p. Thanks Matty. So check this out. I’m gonna
do some of those shots. We’re gonna shoot it in
120 both at 16 mil and then at like 70 mil
with the telephoto lens so you can see the
difference in compression, so here’s what that looks like. (electronic music) That’s the difference
using a telephoto lens. And compression and stuff like that, so what we did is we used the
same frame for all three shots you just saw there. First was 16, the second was 70 and the last one was 200. So what we did is we had
to move back each time we shot it, so we kept
that frame the same, but it gives you a very
kind of fun and interesting visual representation of
what a compressed lens does versus one that’s short, like 16 mil. Hope you enjoyed that. The other nice thing
about this lens is that it has image stabilization,
especially when you’re shooting something that’s far away, you’ve got a long focal
length like 200 mil, having image stabilization like that, it just helps so much, especially if you’re shooting video. It’s also a really sharp
lens, like legendary for being tack sharp and
we all want those crispy Instagram shots that are tack sharp, so I think my favorite thing
about shooting out here in the mountains, is just like, there’s so much variety. You’ve got shots of roads, mountains, lakes, canoes, and Canada’s just so beautiful. If you’ve never visited Canada, I highly recommend it. Especially Alberta. Making a mess. That was a great donut. See you later. (chill electronic music) I’m pointing the camera
this way for a reason, ’cause I wanna surprise you yet again, ’cause that’s kind been
the theme of this vlog, like I did at the very beginning. What an incredible ending
to an incredible day when you get a view like this. And we got here just in the nick of time when the sun was hitting those peaks. Check out this shot (shutter sound). And this shot (shutter sound). And this shot (shutter sound). It just looks so good. We
got here in the nick of time. Even the wind’s picking up a little bit and that calm, still water
is starting to get choppy. Just so amped. (electronic music) How do you feel about this?
– I feel good. – [Peter] Perfect timing right? What a great day. – Great job. – [Peter] What a great day. – See you later. – All right well the light is
pretty much done for the day. We got the best part of it. Those are the shots you saw
with the wide angle lens. Here’s a shot I did with the 7200. You can see the difference in compression. Not the best for a scene
like this, but still really cool ’cause it gives you a totally different perspective. Really enjoyed running
around the National park with the telephoto. I didn’t think I would,
but I’m glad I brought it. Those are my thoughts on the new 7200, so if you guys are gonna
go out there and take shots of nature, highly recommend it. Also, this chipmunk
(shutter sound) picture. Come on. Hit the like button
if you like that video. Smash it. Do whatever you want. Subscribe if you weren’t already. I will see you guys back in Toronto. Peace. Wait, we’ll do it like we used to. (chill electronic music)

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