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  1. Haha just sold my 80D. But I have my a6300 for my “I don’t care as much if i drop it” camera. What keeps me from publishing? My twins and my crappy 9-5 job.

  2. I have an a6300, and was considering an 80d. I’m just so far into the canon eco system (2 5dmkii’s, c100, 70d, L series lenses…) even though I have 120fps on the Sony, I don’t know, man. I keep coming back to the 80d. No one is begging me for 4K (yet). They told me video was a rabbit hole!!! They were right!!😭😭😭

  3. Dedicated device, ready to go—pick it up and start recording. Great advice. This is such a good message!

    I did feel a little dirty watching the video on a 4k display though.

  4. what keeps me from publishing more… NO ROOM. I moved to tampa and live on the bay, so my apt is 500square feet. Every wall is packed with ugly backgrounds, i have to hid all my lights and audio so its a pain to pull out lights and mics everytime i want to film. I hope to move to a bigger place with at least a corner to film videos and keep everything set up.

  5. I love my 80D…still use it all the time. I won't replace it unless a 90D comes out. My vlogging camera is the Canon M100. Same sensor as the 80D. Cheers from LA.

  6. I picked up the M6 for the EXACT same reasons. I needed a camera to be careless and have fun with. I have a very similar arsenal of gear only on the Sony side. Some Canon in their too, though. Would love to see more on the little hang-ups that you have to overcome to record yourself – I have many myself.
    Also, how do bring up the topic with your clients about allowing you to film your set-ups for your YouTube channel? I've wanted to do this for years, but have never had the nerve to broach the subject out of fear of sounding unprofessional. I don't know if they would understand/care about me wanting to help other media professionals by giving them a peek into my corporate work setups.
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. I feel you. I am the same way when it comes to only wanting to put up the highest quality videos and that totally hinders me from creating more content

  8. Love the content, great video. I agree on freeing yourself up to create and eliminating as many barriers to creation as possible. Minimalism! Are you from Michigan?? I see you rep a State hat frequently and now you're rocking a Lions hat.

  9. I run a photography business, and if I decide to make an investment in camera gear, I first discuss it with my wife. I find this to be the most beneficial and respectful way of handling things like this. She also often has really good input that helps me figure out if I am making a good decision or not. XD

  10. Love this idea.. I live in Oakland and sometimes I dont shoot at night because I dont want to get my c300 mark II stolen.

  11. Perfectionism is a huge challenge for myself along with being more strategic with my setups. Love the Cannon 80D and you just confirmed for myself it’s the perfect camera for my needs. You should do a class on it. I’d buy it like I did your FCPX class.

  12. This was awesome. Been watching since your Fizzle Woj Bomb days. One of the things that prevented me from pressing record was my computer, but I just today fixed that with a new Mac. Now it’s getting bummed that some videos get thousands of views and some only get 100. 😔

  13. One thing… I am a college student and majoring in Chemistry (in Organic Chem right now!!) which is one of the biggest reason why it keeps me from shooting videos. I am also lazy 😂😂😂 I just want to watch videos, mainly for ideas… Lastly, lack of content ideas? I would like to make videos but I dont know if people would like it or not…. I end up shooting it but not finishing the process

  14. Biggest barrier to creating content is having dedicated gear for that purpose. You have to set it all up, pack it all down, and you need to have decent content to record as well! I recorded 3 new videos today about video production. Have a look and let me know what you think!

  15. Great idea. I do the same thing with my cameras. But coincidentally, I do own an 80D and EF-S lenses that I wouldn't lose sleep over. A beater camera to have and throw around….I think you're on to something. Looking to see what you do with it.

  16. The thing that has kept me from making a video was my hair. I hadn't gotten a haircut and didn't want to look bad in the video. When I type that out, I realize how ridiculous that is.

  17. Some interesting reasons there, but completely valid…
    What keeps me from making a video is not always having two cameras, i need one that films me using the other for photography.

  18. Totally get it. That's pretty much the same thing that was holding me back. I picked up a Canon 6D mark ii. Love it. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

    Also, what made you go with the 80D vs the 6D? Just curious. Since the 6D is full frame.

  19. Have you checked out the m6? Just picked that up and it’s been great. Has all the things you mentioned (mic jack, 1080p 60fps, IS, great face tracking, super small)

    Great seeing you and Jen in NYC!

  20. Lol 80D=ADD. Well done. I also use a 80D and love it. OCD is tough to get past when you’re doing YouTube vlogs. Keep it real and raw 🤙🏻.

  21. I found it to be too heavy, actually gave this camera to my wife and use a Sony a6500 now

  22. I have been shooting Canon for over 10yrs starting with the XH-A1 and it is encouraging to see practicality over bells and whistles that come with a cost. Sony is tempting, but dual pixel autofocus, canon lenses and canon's colors keep me with canon.

  23. 80d is great for vlogging actually I have those same lenses Lol. I vlog but never post on YouTube just for personal reasons. I have shot a few music videos with the 80D and waiting to see what Canon will come out with next with aps-c. The C200 is nice but kinda pricey.

  24. I can't think of topics and stay focus. I was acting shooting a video just seconds ago. didn't like the flow of the video. picked up my phone and this was the first video I watched…… damn. now it's time to rethink this video and get back to it.

  25. Vlogging is more about mind set rather than equipment. I won't tell you about the low end equipment I currently use but I am determined to add content to my channel. Remember, imperfect action is better than prefect inaction. Stop getting ready to get ready and push the record button on whatever you have in your hand.

  26. After meeting you and so many other YT creators at VidSummit I decided to start Vlogging. Since I already have a 70D in addition to my C100 I've got less excuses than you to JUST START! Thanks for sharing this video I really needed the push. Can't wait to see more BTS stuff from you!

  27. I think my laptop keeps me from putting out more content since I'm always maxing out what it can handle. Time to grab something that'll give me less hassle during livestreaming with a DSLR!

  28. I am actually looking to purchase the Canon 80D myself. I currently own the Nikon D5500 which is great for street photography but want a Canon camera also as I am adaptable with both systems. Also to do some filming plus it has a headphone Jack

  29. Thanks for the video!! Very great points and the thing that popped out to me the most is “face tracking auto-focus”

    Love the posters behind you above the gray couch.

    What are your thoughts on the Canon M5 for vlogging?

  30. The biggest reason I have yet to start recording is both fear and not knowing how. Having no idea how to edit

  31. Honestly, my camera is what stops me. I have a t6i, while it does a great job, it's the focus that really gets me.

  32. Quick question: what stabilizers to you recommend especially for Weddings? And this is for anyone in the community. I bought a Neewer stabilizer and returned it.

  33. I am using the Canon G9X for family, travel, general in my pocket camera, and it is pretty good….draw back no mic shoe (not up to that yet anyway, but still want it) and no swing out screen (dammmmmm)….however that doesn't stop me from doing stuff. Before my other small camera was Canon G16….then the lens broke….Still before that I was using the T5i and that became too cumbersome, so that I just use for more stationary stuff….anyway had been thinking I would like better sound in my videos, going back to the G9x, NO MIC SHOE!!! I know I can use a lava mic (think that's what you call it)…it's just still taking me back to this 80D…sigh just so expensive for me right now. Do you have an opinion on the Canon SX60? The swing out screen and mic shoe maybe I will move beyond the in camera mic and do more interviews…. Was thinking I can sell the G9x (no not delusional to think it's an even trade, but a little something off the top will help). Not a professional…just want to look like one.
    PS you were one of the first pod casts, that I subscribed to when you had a pod cast…continued success.

  34. Perfectionism for sure is my biggest hinderence. I watch stuff that I’ve created quick and dirty for YouTube and it’s not at all a representation of my abilities and as a professional, the excuse I tell myself is that if I’m going to publish something it’s gonna be a live advertisement whether I want it to or not so it has to be perfect.

    That’s what keeps me from creating more on this platform. Been 2 months since I made a video for YouTube…

  35. Being dressed actually is a valid point! ^_^;;; I also hear you on the shaving part – I don't shave my head but ugh, sometimes the jawline you just don't want to put that 15 minutes into it. Or trim/tidy up one's beard…

    Other things that come to mind as to preventing one from making videos, or anything in general…
    – Uncertainty about where to start
    – Uncertainty about a story one wants to tell
    – Restricted budget (can affect things like acquiring video editing software, or make it take a lot longer)
    – Restrictive lighting (not having enough light at one's place, be it a "studio" setup or when outdoors and not having any lights (whether because one forgot lights, or because, well, you don't own any)
    – The desire to have a "set" or "studio" kind of setup area to record in, to provide… something that's shared between each and every video (not everyone has the space for such, due to living with parents, living in a one bedroom apartment, too many roommates, etc)
    – The feeling that your locations aren't interesting enough
    – Fear of what people might say about someone "mindlessly droning on to a camera" on the street

    That kind of more or less does it, I think, at least for off the top of my head ^_^;;;;;

  36. Hi Caleb, I found your channel from Pat Flynn’s Tactics in a Tesla episode where he let you out of the back seat. I’ve watched a few of your videos and really like your content. SUB’d. I too chose the 80D as my vlogging camera and really like it for all the reasons you mention. I’ve shot almost all the video for my first post on YouTube. Ya I’m a newbie, but I’m not a young one. Getting ready to retire the end of this year and wanted to give myself a challenge and something to do that wasn’t typical. I think I heard in one of your videos that you are in San Diego. So am I. Would love to meet up some time if you’re available. Also very excite about your vlog pod. I signed up for release notifications. Looks like a jobie killer.

  37. I have the 80D and like it. I actually bought it over the GH5 because for me autofocus was a more important issue than 4k. I also shoot lots of photos too.

  38. Editing… that's what keeps me from shooting ANY videos… I've shot still commercial work for over 30 years and I really want to create dramatic vids of my road trips across the country but when I sit down to study or pull up Premier Pro cs6… I'm lost… would love to see a piece on importing–image editing–sound editing–exporting…

  39. i know this an older vid, but I love my 80D, its my 1st and curios about full frame though, thoughts? video only. But my biggest hold up : EDITING… never really have much, looking for someone to be "MY editor" but im also gonna be doing live, its closer to what I will be putting out, but want ot build/learn the more cinematic, edited content, SOOOOO Hooked…was not expecting this. could be worse.
    Also Just found your content, and again, now hooked, very similar mindset sorta, but im not gentle with my equipment, haha. Curios what people think of used equipment, cause theres tons of people jumpin on the mirrorless camera/sony band wagon…and I will keep learning on the great canon gear im getting from them. yet to see a cheaper 1dx, haha, still loooking , haha
    thanks to you , Caleb im now looking at Cine camera's cause everyone jumps from rookie to pro gear right!!??? HAHAHAHA

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