Why is this the Best Selling DSLR? | Canon T7

– So check this out, this
is the Canon Rebel T7 and as far as I understand, this is the best selling camera in America. And I’m not saying this is
the best camera in America because it’s probably far
from it but best selling. Is it any good or are people just going to Best Buy and asking the workers, what camera should I get? And they go this has a lot
of megapixels, buy this one. (laughs) I don’t know. 24 megapixels, APS-C
sensor with a EF mount. So this thing has some potential and an entry level price of $399. That’s pretty good, $399. I mean that’s the price
of a GoPro right now. So I wanna take this out for a little spin and see, is this actually
a pretty good option for an entry level
photographer or someone getting into video or does it just
look more professional? Is that why so many people
are buying this camera? To get started I’m just gonna leave this camera on fully automatic. I’m gonna take some photos,
I’m gonna shoot some videos And Carrie actually just
got a brand new motorcycle and we get to go pick it up today. So I’m gonna take this with us, let’s go. – [Cameraman] How is it
like driving with one arm? – It sucks, well it’s not that bad, it’s just parallel parking sucks ’cause I gotta reverse, and use a hand. (groaning) – [Cameraman] Wa-lah! – [Gene] This is dope right? – Dang.
– Can you believe this is Kari’s bike? – No.
– That thing looks, I can not believe it. It is so hard to put on
a helmet with one arm. (motor running) Oh, Kari’s gonna have
so much fun on this bike. I’m kind of jealous. For those of you who are wondering, I’m not allowed to really
used my left arm yet, but I’m allowed to
squeeze as hard as I can. It’s all I really need
to do on the motorcycle is just squeeze in that
clutch a bunch of times. Really this is just
physical therapy for my hand and getting my grip back, so this is, this is what the doctor recommended. This is for you. – Whaaa. How is the ride? – [Gene] It is so good,
you’re gonna love this bike. (squealing) (laughing) – Oh my god. I’m so excited. (laughing) (motor running) Yes! (motor running) – Let me just start off by saying this: I myself, would never
ever buy this camera. Not because it’s a bad
camera or anything like that. It’s just that for me
personally, video is my priority. I shoot video most of the time and occasionally take a few photos. This camera is clearly
designed for photography as the priority and yeah, you
can shoot pretty decent video with this, but it is lacking
a lot of the video features. Not even a microphone input jack and also no dual pixel auto focus, so during video, if you
try to do auto focus, it does this whole weird
shuttery, glitchy thing. It’s, I would never use
the auto focus with video on this camera. And even simple things
like no built in time lapse so if you want to shoot a time lapse you have to just record
and speed it up in post or get an external intervalometer. One of the dogs farted,
it smells so bad in here. I can’t do this, hold on. Who, that was bad one. What’d you guys eat? But yeah, the Canon T7i and the Canon M50, they are gonna cost a
bit more than this T7 but if video is your focus,
it’s worth every penny because all of those features
I was just complaining, those cameras have. What I think is great about this camera is that it’s a great gateway camera to getting into professional cameras. When I got my first DSLR I
was just taking pictures. I was like, oh these are coming out okay, but then I slowly started learning, oh this is ISO, ooh, if I
change the white balance. the colors start to shift a little bit. And what’s this lens
do, what’s that lens do? So now let me dial in my settings to where I like to have it. I’m going to pop it into manual mode and let’s take it out and see
what it’s really capable of once you start putting a
little bit of attention on it. I’ll also try out some
other lenses and remember, lenses don’t have to be expensive. I mean, this lens right
here, I think it got for like $42 bucks new. So 50 millimeter F1.8. So let’s take these out and see really, what is this camera capable of? Let’s go. (upbeat rock music) (motor running) (upbeat rock music) My gosh, that felt so much better to just put it into manual
and control every aspect of the camera, experiment
with a few other lenses, and once you get some powerful
lenses for this camera, you can actually do a lot with it. A lot of times I would
rather have a cheaper camera with some good glass behind it opposed to having a much
more expensive camera with a whatever lens on it. I mean this one’s the Sigma 18 to 35 F1.8 so that works really well
on APS-C size sensors. Yes, this lens cost more
than the camera itself, but it’s something that you
could eventually work up to. By the way, if you are
confused about how to manually set up a camera, you’re
tired of just shooting auto, I have a full on course. Link in description. You know what camera
this really reminds me of is the Canon T2i which I got a while ago, I think over 10 years and I
cleared out my bank account. It was like $850 bucks. I started getting paid
decent amounts of money to shoot on that camera and it was really a huge stepping stone in my career to have that T2i and again, this has a lot of the
same features that did. You know, I was using
manual focus back then. I would hook up a little
monitors and stuff to it so in that sense, this
is an awesome camera. It reminds me a lot of
that, but the only reason why I don’t recommend it
now is because there’s so much more technology available now for just a little bit more money. Let’s say I was someone that was just getting into photography, then this starts to look
a lot more appealing. Even if you don’t know what
you’re doing with this camera, you put it into auto
mode and just snap away at a few pictures and it’s
auto setting, so you know, sometimes the photos are
gonna come out kind of blurry. The camera’s just
guessing at the settings, but sometimes you might surprise
yourself and be like whoa, this actually looks pretty decent. Look everybody, look
at this picture I took. It’s very great, right? And everyone’s like, yeah
that’s slightly above mediocre, so that, that’s cool. So I bet that’s why this
camera is so popular and for $399 you also
get this very okay lens. It’s an 18 to 55. It’s nothing special but
has image stabilization. If you put a nice lens
on here and shoot in raw, this thing is a beast of a camera. My only complaint would
really be the auto focus. It’s not a very advanced
form of auto focus. Once you start shooting
with better auto focus, then you get kind of spoiled, but you could definitely,
definitely work with this camera. And another thing to note is that these have a very good resale value. I mean you could get this new for $399 and then you could use
the crap of it for a while and then probably still get
almost $300 bucks for it so you won’t be down that much ’cause these things are
pretty solid and reliable. So if you’re just experimenting
or you decide to upgrade later down the line,
you could always use it, throw it up on eBay and get the
majority of your money back. So let’s sum everything up. If you’re a video guy,
just look at the T7i or M50 if you can swing that, but if you already have this camera and you want to get more into video, you could definitely work this. It’s just gonna take
a little bit more work with the manual focus, no
options for external microphones and no flippy screen. And if you’re getting into photography, this thing is awesome because
you pull it out of the box and you could immediately
start taking decent pictures and as you evolve and you
get better with your skills, you could really get some
professional looking stuff out of this thing. So considering it’s
price and availability, it’s awesome. Like anytime you go into
an electronics store, like a Best Buy or even
Costco, this things always just sitting there front
and center looking at you. Anyways, let’s wrap this up
by reading a few comments from my last video which
was all about frame rates. When should you shoot 24, 30, 25, 60, 120? It’s also secretly a giant
commercial for my video course but I’m not supposed to
tell you guys that, oops. Marcus says, shooting
at 30 frames per second, playback at 24 frames per second to get the, is this slo-mo
vibe is definitely a pro tip. If you no idea what he’s talking about, definitely go check out my last video. Steve Hansen says if you
watch Potato Jet’s video at 75% speed, he seems really drunk and I can’t stop laughing. I need this to be cinematic. You guys notice like the weirdest things. I swear, every time I
upload a video to YouTube, I’m terrified at what weird
things you guys will discover. You look like the guy from blank. I forced myself not to say it. I’m gonna assume you mean
the guy from La La Land. You know, Ryan Gosling,
I get that all the time, it gets a little old honestly. Hey man, are you Ryan Gosling? No, I’m not Canadian. Do I say aye after every phrase? Like, this is pretty good camera aye? John says, thank you Mr. Vong, I was, okay, I don’t know if
he’s trolling me or not, but I’m not Jason Vong okay. If you don’t know who Jason Vong is, he’s also a YouTuber about cameras and apparently a ton of people mix us up, but don’t mistake my evil twin for, maybe I’m the evil one? Maybe he’s the good? Or he’s the evil? I’m just gonna, I’m gonna
make him the bad guy. He’s the evil one. Anyways, I think it’s time
to end this video, aye? (gentle electronic music)

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  1. ur a fighter bro! one hand beast hahaha but wow! good price, not too complex and for a beginner and aspiring vlogger that's perfect. i think….

  2. The serie "T" from Canon use an old focus system and it can't handle low light all that well compared to others, no to mention worse dynamic range, it's quite a pain to use. It's only good for a beginner as much as it's cheaper, and if you learn to take pictures with it you can take better pictures with any other camera. In Brazil some idiots buy the T6 for youtube videos, then they get so frustrated because it doesn't have auto-focus and it only record for 12 minutes, that they go back to their smartphones. And those cameras are quite expensive, taking into account all the things they lack.

  3. Always engaging, entertaining and educational videos. Thank you. Also not to be your momma, but always wear your full moto gear. For what you pay on camera gear, you guys could afford at least a jacket and boots. And if you both have legit riding gear, sorry for being the worried parent.

  4. Hey potato jet which dslr camera is the best for making comedy veins video, music video and vlog videos
    Please tell in next video

  5. get the t7i and will get the Better video options, thats what im getting soon (waiting for the delivery)

  6. Hey….Potato Jet.

    Been looking into shooting video for my podcast and I've been researching cameras for a while. The T7 definitely appealed to me because of its price point but, that's also what deterred me the most. It seemed almost too cheap, y'know?

    Anyway, after looking around for a while, nothing really made the decision any easier. Left it alone for a while and decided to give the hunt another go, and stumbled across your video.

    I have to say, this is the most comprehensive and accessible analysis I've seen for the T7. Really appreciate the effort you put into showing it off in the different settings.

    Think I'm going to go with the T7 since they'll be used for recording steady video but, safe to say you've gained another subscriber

  7. The first dslr I used for video was the T3i. Good memories. But I look back and that camera didnt have auto Focus which is a deal breaker for me now

  8. What if you used that with some of the fabulous vintage manual focus lenses available for fairly low prices on ebay?
    I bought a new t5i and those are the lenses I use besides the second 'Nifty Fifty.' Had I been better informed, my first DSLR might have been a used 5d, or even a used Nikon d700. As it is, I am happy enough at the moment. The only really worrisome neg of the Rebel series is build quality and lack of weather sealing, but you can't expect a tank at jeep prices, eh!

  9. I bought a Canon 200D some months ago
    Any video tricks? (I'm already a decent photographer – I'm that underexposed guy (not much but yeah) and my dad is the SUPER overexposed guy and I just can't use Auto mode because it's so so bad hahaha)

  10. Would you be willing to do a cinematic challenge with the canon t7i? I have the t7i & I would love to see the things you could do shooting with it.

  11. I have practiced a LOT on a t6. I was only borrowing it but it is why I'm addicted to videos and pictures

  12. As an amature landscape shooter I can tell you that is this 100% all you need for photography. I do agree that there are some features missing for the video geeks, but as someone who regularly takes his trusty old t3i on hikes, you don't need anything more than this. In fact, I would go so far as to recommend the t3i to anyone on a really tight budget wanting to get into photography. The only aspect that matters for photo that is a weak point of the t3i is its dynamic range, which no doubt the t7 has more of.

    Even if you can afford something more expensive than the t7, I'd advise you to save your money and get more lenses instead.

  13. Ola Bro, super dope video's, very insightful. What are the best setting would you recommend for a start up camera (and operator) like the one on review or just a D2000 ?

  14. Referring to your t2i comment. I still shoot on my t1i which i've owned for 10 years now as it has been my first camera. I shoot great photography photos with it since i have great glass. no worries. i will be buying the a7lll in the next 2 weeks 😉

  15. I actually bought one of these a year ago in a Prime day sale to test whether I would enjoy photography, the thing really performs and is great for learning! About to chuck mine on ebay and upgrade to a M50 to start getting into video, glad to see that you tend to agree! Great video.

  16. cyborg film maker with a jeep. The future is here. FYI, I still use a T2i for my videos / photos and with a nifty fifty lens

  17. I would prefer the 77D over the t7I, and the m50 +speedbooster over both. 😉 dual pixel all the way!

  18. I'm interested in how the camera works for still photos — not videos. Not a whole lot of information about how it works for what its primary purpose is.

  19. U got a lot of expertise … also charming … also to understanding … even if i am german … LOVE U 😉 go on

  20. Dude u f****d up ur editing, after 5:20 shawdows and dark spots turn red and blue. Just look at ur shirt or the camera on the top shelf on the right.

  21. nice vid. i would pick the canon sl2 which does have dpaf AND a mic in jack (i do wish it had a headphone port!). the canon sl2 is often cheaper than the t7! thumbs up.

  22. I'm not tech savvy at all but your videos have helped me a lot. I'm on my way to Best Buy to get the t7i now! I had an a5100 and it's horrible for recording..it's just horrible, but you live and you learn. Thank you !

  23. I have a T7i right now and it’s a great camera for anybody starting out vlogging or photography.. it’s a dslr so it’s quite versatile, switch out lens and adjust settings and u can get pretty creative with whatever ur doing.. but I am itching to switch over to a mirrorless Sony, most likely the a6400… my advice to anybody looking to get seriously into videography or photography, skip the entry level crap and hop right up to something a little more advanced.. I wish that’s what I had did myself..

  24. Sony nex 7 beat this camera 10 years before the t7 was even made😅 plus it’s smaller cheaper and way better video quality

  25. Wow. I have only have my Rebel SL2 for a year and I paid $800 for the kit set. 😳 But I got mine just for the autofocus for vlogging.

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