Why we do Landscape Photography

We’re bonded to the landscape in a way
that the passage of time has taught us to forget. On my photography journey I
want to remind people the natural world and the new digital worlds can live in
harmony. The marriage of art and technology is the very essence of
photography that can shine a light on the landscape and the ever-changing way
in which we perceive it. Morning. I’ve just woken up from an average night’s sleep
but what a way to wake up absolutely beautiful scenes here. I’m gonna get
the camera set up pretty quickly to capture some landscape photography in
this truly truly stunning landscape. It challenges us. Pushes our boundaries.
Nothing great in life comes easy. The raindrops are absolutely huge!! There are beautiful moments and magical
encounters that are a privilege to experience and can’t be taken for
granted when the delicate balance of life is ever threatened. It’s a labour of
love as we strive to tell a story of the amazing world we live in. Simply incredible. It’s one of the most
amazing things I’ve ever seen. It’s actually quite emotional. it’s just…… I’m lost for words a little bit…. It gives us the means to explore our
freedom, enjoy solitude and…….. our friendships Positivity is born out of the creative
process. Making the final print we share our story, remember the joy it brought us
and serves to motivate us to do it all again

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  1. Adam!! Fantastic video and I'm sure I speak for many of us that has followed you on this trip for a while when I say we're very happy to see that you seams to have compleatly overcome those dark thoughts you had a around a year ago when you struggled with your motivation and now clearly again is so full of energy and happiness doing your landscape photography! I just love it!!! 👌

  2. I think this is one of the best videos about photography in general and especially landscape photography I’ve ever seen. No technical mumbo jumbo, no settings, nothing of that sort – just pure feelings and good reasons to go out, enjoy nature and create beautiful memories by capturing the beauty of nature. Short video but straight to the point. Well done 👍

  3. Nice video Adam, meaningful words and lots of wonderful memories I am sure. It's great that photography helps us see these lovely sights.

  4. Really enjoyed that video, lovely summary of the ups and downs photography. There is something about capturing landscape images that results in the photographer falling in love with the natural world. Keep up the great work, your reaching, inspiring and changing other peoples lives. You may never meet them, in fact, they may never tell you either but the impact your passion, expertise and knowledge is having by inspiring a new breed of photographers to get out and take better photos and experience all nature has to offer. Well your the reason, I do it anyway. Cheers mate

  5. Thank you Adam as it's often said even when the images never come out like you hope they would you can still remember being in that moment and that counts for so much.

  6. Fantastic video… I hope this will be a new style for a newer beginning of success and more amazing videos to come! 👌

  7. What can you say, the man hits it again. Wow such impact from such a short piece. Dont know how you do it, but please keep doing it.

  8. Beautiful compilation and narrated with some fine words I wish I had your skill on the mic mate on my vids I sound like a drunken baffoon 😔 hats off to ya mate 👍🏼

  9. Very nice I really enjoyed this message you have put across and your editing of it. I might see you sometime out and about in Yorkshire and if I do I will be sure to say hi 😀 Teddy

  10. love landscape photography although I think there are so many landscape photogs out there that leave mine for dead. My real love is wildlife photography. nature in general is wonderful

  11. This was a beautiful, creative, and inspirational short film. I wish this one had been 20 minutes rather than 2 1/2. Well done Adam.

  12. Really, really enjoyed this Adam. You captured, brilliantly everything I love about landscape photography. Excellent stuff mate

  13. Good vlog… I would like to know what printer works best for landscape images A3 or smaller & why you chose the canon rather than…. i.e. Epson, & others

  14. Enjoyable vid Adam! Any chance you could do a video on what types of paper (semi-gloss, matte, etc.) are best for what types of photos? Thanks!

  15. What a fantastic video, and it encapsulates everything so succinctly – your passion comes right out of the film. Your narration is also a perfect fit, has a touch of Planet Earth about it which is quite a compliment. Look forward to the next one

  16. I don’t know why this video got me so emotional. It’s been a dream of mine to venture deeper into the wilderness to get some more remote shots. It’s inspiring me to start planning my first landscape photography trip. Horseshoe Bend, Arches National Park, and Joshua Tree National Park are on my bucket list.

  17. This is exactly the reason why I do Landscape photography aswell. This moments when the first sun light peaks in after a cold and rainy night. This moments are just awesome and unforgettable…

  18. my man, this video was so good and captured the essence of what I feel landscape photography is as well, instant like & subscribe, keep at it brother!

  19. Love your work Adam! Great video and great sentiment, it truly is a beautiful world. Sometime I forget about the camera and just sit there taking in the beauty that nature has unveiled!

  20. If that fantastic essay does not motivate us photographers to go out and capture the world around us, nothing will. Emotional watching it!! It should be required viewing for anyone even thinking about landscape photography.

  21. Love your views on why do landscape photography. I have just begun to print some of my photos. I don't do much editing yet, but am looking forward to seeing how edited pictures compare to unedited ones when they're printed.

  22. What a beautiful and inspiring albeit short video, who could watch this and not think of grabbing the Lowepro and heading out. I'm just back in the game after months out of action due to surgery and this video is just what I needed. Thanks.

  23. really beautiful to hear why you do landscape photography
    really inspiring! thanks for sharing this great content with us and i really really enjoyed watching this!

  24. Thank you very much for saying all these things about nature & photography!
    It´s a pleasure to follow you and your videos. Greetings from www.dt-classics.de, DT

  25. Just found your channel, and I'm better off now than I was a half hour ago.
    First off, lovely images and video. Second, I could see you doing the narrative work on some Discovery Channel or NatGeo shows. Mike Rowe is an awesome narrator, but you are right up there with him.

  26. Incorrect re the only option being Canon 10-18mm, before they released this they made, and still make, a 10-22mm better made too

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