Why you should STOP Taking Pictures of People!

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  1. This is so me right now.. I'm not bad..
    But. Yea.. models don't pay shit..
    The way you gotta make money in that is a company that pays you and the model to shoot their stuff.
    I do shoot beautiful women.. but I make them wear brands that I can promote to.
    Michael Korr bag, Athleta clothing, Dolls Kill outfit, West Elm throw blanket. Etc

  2. Ty thank you for helping me elevate my photography business. Your insight is definitely changing the way I think. Keep enlightening us Bro!

  3. Thanks for what you do. I am a hobbyist photographer who is thinking hard about making a living at it and your videos give excellent guidance. If I decide to go into business your course will be helpful.

  4. Between the lightning and harsh truth you drop on people – you are my new favorite channel. Haha. Cheers sir.

  5. i feel attacked! lol but damn I love this. I'm about to take some booty balancing a beer bottle pics now. I appreciate you for this

  6. I agree to a point, yes get products to shoot but how are you going to get paid by simply putting a beer in a girls hand if that company isn't under contract for you to shoot with them. Beer company:hey thanks for the free advertising now go away.

  7. It's a pity I can't do a triple like on this vid. I was just talking to a photographer friend of mine about people pics the other day. Yeah the pic was great ,but it's a young woman standing/sitting/leaning in some arbitrary location looking at the camera (or not). Yeah she's gorgeous and the lighting was on point but what's the point of the pic? Why does it exist? why is she there doing that? People don't just arbitrarily DO stuff like IRL. I like shooting portraits but that has always bothered me. Now here's a way I can give those pics meaning. 😀

  8. I almost feel like I love you man. You give away sooo much game👍 Because of you I went out and shot a commercial for a local restaurant. It’s 80% chasing clients 3-5 times (EACH) and 20% creativity. Hmmm product…OK

  9. Man I Thank this security guard for putting me on to this channel. One thing about these YouTube content creators the sugar coat shit way too much. You provide the real for free

  10. Bro just the opening statements spoke to me like crazy! That’s all I had on my IG page and dudes would hit me like yo where you getting these ladies from?! Mann listen they broke but pretty let’s utilize what she has and my talents fuck it and we both win. Wrong I lose cuz I’m still broke and she got content for days! That doesn’t make any sense to me and you just solidified it! Bravo my g! ✊🏾✊🏾

  11. Finally a channel that doesn't talk about gear and editing and focus only on how to make money and be successful. The only channel i have notifications ON. Next time i go for a shoot i'll have few cans with me 🙂 . Thank you kindly sir

  12. this information is too good for youtube i just had the idea to do something like this and now this totally confirms it… thanks for sharing your a huge blessing

  13. I love u tho 😭😭😭😭. The universe sent me this video to confirm that I'm on the right path. I do product photography, stills and 360 product photography for online stores. Can u review my site and advice?

  14. you make it sound soooo easy, i have done this so many times and no one has reached out… im pretty sure i dont suck that bad

  15. I've gout a boudoir portfolio with like 10 different models in it, and any time a woman sees it, they just go off on a tangent revealing how insecure they are about themselves.

  16. homie just gave us a million dollars worth of game for free.99……..thanks homie….great content and that setup of yours is superdope!!!! you inspired me to start my own channel…check out my first video on my youtube page.

  17. Man great info and this was a funny video had me laughing the whole time lol. Booty photographer 🤣🤣🤣

  18. Good video but product photography and tagging brands is equally as futile most of the time. This sounds like a sure-shot but its very hard. The one product photographer I know making a living off of it actually joined a local media agency and makes his money that way. Freelance wasn't paying enough and definitely not tagging brands on social media

  19. Real Game! I Started shooting weddings and now I’m doing food and products, as the man once said, we don’t love them ho$$s!

  20. This vid showed up on my feed… since I’m here… I only shoot product photography. $250/hour plus lighting fee. Product photography: ONE IMPORTANT fact to make your product photos professional is, everything MUST be in focus from front to back and that requires multiple shots of the same thing, stacked.
    The only people’s photography I used to do back in the day’s is female NUDE, $1,500 a pop.

  21. Great advice! 100% agreed! But I have to ask some questions: Where do you draw the line? When is working for free helping and when is it hurting you as a creator? I could be wrong, but I suspect that if a creator worked hard enough and long enough to create enough quality content to get noticed by a major brand, they may have already crossed that line.

    If you’re posting authentic banger product shots, unsolicited and unpaid and you have a engaged audience, what incentive does a product company have to pay you? You’re already doing a killer job for them for free! If you don’t have an engaged audience they aren’t going to pay attention to you anyway.

    By way of example, consider Peter McKinnon. Arguably one of the most successful creators on YouTube & IG. He has been pimping Ford trucks from day one. He gratuitously showed off his F150 pickup any chance he had. Dropped his Ford key fob on a ton of his flat lay shots. He even made his own custom one-of-a-kind Ford hat that he wears in most of his videos! Recently, he upgraded to a shiny new black-on-black Ford Raptor pickup with is own money and he regularly gives Ford a shout out and asks for sponsorship. With all of that going on, I would argue that Ford is better off keeping their mouth and wallet shut and just let Peter do what he is doing for free. His endorsement of Ford trucks is authentic and real and if they ever paid him, it would ruin that. Plus, it’s effective. I’ve never been a Ford owner, but I’m pretty interested in the new Ford Bronco Raptor that is coming out soon. Thanks Peter!

    Bottom line, your advice in this video is dead on. But I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you handle that two-edged sword of knowing when to quite working for free and giving away valuable content. How do we take this advice without giving away too much of the store?

  22. Great advice about adding products to the shoot of someone you're already doing! Got me rethinking some shoots coming up…..subscribed!!

  23. You are mostly right. But you are confusing some things. First of all you say “Don’t take pictures of people” but then you are referring only to models. I would say it differently: don’t take private pictures for people or models. Then you would be right. There’s no money in this. But you can make a lot of money taking pictures for advertising agencies that need people images for their campaign. If an agency asks you to take pictures of people you can just charge your commercial rate for a day or half day and you can also license the images. The same way you do it with any other kind of photography. You take commercial pictures and always charge your time.
    And there’s also the area of taking portraits for magazines or newspapers. It’s not used to advertise a product but you can also charge your rate.
    So I would put it this way: Always try to work for advertising agencies or companies that need images to sell products.
    All this other stuff that gets so much attention on Instagram and YouTube like Bikini Girls, beautiful model portraits, street photography or fine art might be fun to and get you likes and followers but these kinds photography don’t pay anybody’s bills. That’s an illusion.

  24. Damn this is absolutely amazing information. You are the real deal not just another YouTube superstar selling us a false dream.

  25. You, my friend, are the realest guy here and you got a sub for me. I'm off to view your other videos. Cya. Gotta get those 10k $ yah

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