Why You Shouldn’t Ask The Internet to Photoshop You Pt. 2

Hello James. Can you please close my girlfriend’s eyes in this picture? Thank you Hope this helps Hey, James, my friend is mad I the blonde in the middle Looks at my other friend in this picture and not her can you edit it So I’m looking at the girl in the white? Here you go. Can you make me look less like a child? Yes, sir. Hey James. Can you make it not look like I’m proposing? Sure. Can you make me taller than my dad please? Of course. Hey, James. Do you think you can make it look like I’m holding a full glass of coffee instead of how it is? Thank you Sure. Hey James! Can you make my face smaller than my boyfriend? Done. Can you make my friend in the middle the same height as us? Sure. Can you photoshop my face to first pic? Sure. Can you please make my head look less round? Ok… Hi, James, my friend looks like he doesn’t enjoy my company. Can you make him look like he having fun? Thanks, Ira chess 2016 salute to leaders. He does enjoy your company. Help I got friendzoned Oh, can you please close my boyfriend’s legs? Sure. Hey, can you please erase the ass off of the pic? Thanks! Of course. Hey James. Can you remove the bed and make me sit on a flying Magic carpet flying over an ocean LOL Buckle up. Hey, Brotha, here is a photo of my latest photo session Can you make me a hundred percent pussy magnet? Thanks bro Done. Can you make the water full look bigger or closer please? Bigger and closer. Hi, James. Could you make it look like me and my girlfriend are holding hands to make this pic look a little less awkward? Thanks Done.. Will you please turn me into a mermaid? I will be more than happy to pay you switch ever picture you think would be best for it He,y Ariel. Hi games. Can you please put shades on me so that I look fierce? Thanks Have a bright day. Can you please invert our skin? Make him black and me white. Thanks There you go. Hiya @fjamie013 could you edit it so I’m in the frame too? thanks Sure. Hello, Mr.Fridman. I was wondering if you could photoshop me into this picture with Aaron Rodgers I would love to be able to tell my friends. I’ve met him PS. I hope one of these TP pictures of me will work. Thanks You got it. Can you please bring the giraffe closer to us? Watch out. Hey @fjamie013, can you please make me look badass? Clean up before Mom gets home. Hey I really like your photos. Can you make my sister look more happy about graduating? Thanks Sure. Higher education now free for all Americans. Hey. I heard you can make Magic happen. Can you make him productive? He is now as productive as everyone else around him. Hey James. Can you give me a kardashian look? Any of them There you go. Can you please make it so the girl on the left isn’t staring at my husband and I? thanks Done. Hey James my girlfriend forgot to wear shoes in our photo. Could you help? Sure. Hey, dude. Can you make it look like my girlfriend has caught a fish? Cheers mate Sure. Hey James. I really like harry potter. Can you photoshop me like I’m a harry potter character? Love Öykü As you wish. *Music Plays*

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  1. just so you everybody who asked for the photoshops just want to laugh from one of their photos so asked James who makes every photoshop funny unless the person asks please make me look skinny or I’m too fat

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