WILD TAIGA OF FINLAND – A LOVE STORY | Wildlife Photography, Photo Blind, Bears and Wolves

*wolves howling* ♪♪ When I was halfway through editing this last episode of the behind-the-scenes video from a trip to Finland… I realized I wanted this one to be different. So I trashed what I had already made and
started over again. Didn’t want it to be about me, but rather I wanted to show the fascinating nature of Finland… and the beautiful animals I met there. And I wanted it to be my way of saying thank you. So thank you wild taiga of Finland for sharing your beauty with me. And thank you raven, wolverine,… eagle, bear and wolf… for revealing yourself to me and letting me have a glimpse of you… and for giving me this unforgettable memory. I hope that one day more people will experience the beauty of being so close to you,… to sit here in the taiga surrounded by darkness,
watching your silhouette, listening to your voice. They’ll then hopefully understand you and their fear… and the passion in hunting you… will be replaced by fascination,… respect and the wish to protect you. And maybe, even though it has been so long… to reconnect with you. ♪♪

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  1. Thank you so much everyone for all these fantastic comments – I am truly humbled and don't really know what to say to all these friendly, positive and encouraging comments. It really bothers me that I am so far behind answering them, but this fantastic community of photographers, naturalist and people who has nature in their heart simply give me so much fantastic feedback that I can't keep up with it:) I just want everyone of you to know that I do read your comments and they always make me so happy.
    Looking forward to sharing much more nature with you.
    See you out there…

  2. Sent shivers throughout my body watching this what a stunning small video keep up the amazing work buddy you sir are my inspiration .

  3. This is an amazing video. In this video you seem to have moved to a completely new level. The passion for the wildlife is there, but in this one I think you have explained why you are so passionate. I certainly look forward to more videos.

  4. This is amazing !! Great Work Morten !! Thank you so much for sharing your impression with us !! Greets from Germany, your Tom

  5. Amazing video Morten, it was a huge inspiration boost when I travelled to the same place in Finland 3 days after you posted this video. Check out my videoes if you have the time, keep up the good work 🙂

  6. Saw a documentary on TV a few days back about a professional hunter that gave up on his career of hunting after spending so much time observing the animals while stalking them. In middle of all that stalking he realized that the animals did nothing to him and will never do as long as you don't interrupt their lives, he realized that it was unfair to disrupt them lives for his own profit.
    After some research he discovered that he could still make a living out of nature without killing it, he bought a camera and some equipment and used his stalking skills to photograph the animals instead of killing them and today he says that this was the best choice he made in his entire life and managed to create a great respect for nature and it's animals.

  7. Wow this is really beautiful. I can watch it over and over. I hope that I can experience it someday. It is now on my bucket list

  8. Hi Morten, you’re passion, you’re photos and videos are both inspirational and intoxicating….. I look forward to your posts… keep up the excellent work.

  9. North is the most beautiful thing in the world! Thank you, Morten. It's like Russian North, Kenozero National Park.
    It'd be fantastic to meet you there)

  10. Morten, you should experience The Boundary Waters Canoe Area of Minnesota. You were made for it and I know you would find your second home.

  11. Wow Morten, this is an amazing short film you made and once again you inspire me to go out and take pictures and of course you just made me wanne go to Finland even more than I did already. keep on te nice work and I already look forward for your next video.

  12. شكرا للترجمة للغة العربيه
    ونتمنى ان تكون الفيديوهات القادمة مترجمه
    وشكرا ❤

  13. In the space of a few days I have got through almost all of your videos and being a person myself who spends a lot of time out in nature through fishing in Norway, Scotland and other wild places, your videos capture everything that is wonderful about photography and nature, the audience can feel your passion and appreciation for it. Keep up the wonderful work.
    Chris Kennedy

  14. Morten, you have shown the true majesty of the Wild Taiga of Finland, this is just wonderful, I thank you so much for your passion, dedication and efforts in creating this narrative. We owe nature everything and its story must be told by those closest to it.

  15. its so fucking amazing and wonderful how you edited this Video and bring us to your life as wildlife Photographer and the nature. i can feel my heard beating if i watch it. Thank you for your work and lots of Videos here on the Channel.

  16. This video and respect for nature is AMAZING along with all of your work, Morten! I'm glad I've found your channel a while back and wish more people would follow you! Keep up what your great work

  17. Hello Morten, i just want to say that this, tribute almost a love letter, is and I'm hoping you will take it as a complement, some David Attenborough grade clip. Keep up the good work with the videos i really enjoy it and waiting for more of your great and awesome content 😀 😀

  18. Your Finland is so much like my Alaska. From the flora to the fauna. This reminds me why I live here. Wonderful video my friend.

  19. Hi Morten. I know that you don't have time to answer everyone, I just wanted to tell you thank you from the great movie about Taiga I regret that I could not be there.

  20. El youtuber del canal(un poco de todo) me recomendo el tullo y pues…Ni que decir,me encantán tus tomas.Saludos desde GUADALAJARA MÉXICO!!🇲🇽✌🏻

  21. You are absolutely amazing…just stumbled on your site because of the Brendan vanSon video….your commentary was powerful poetry with visual perfection. In my language kichi miigwetch…great thanks.

  22. اخي العزيز انت دايم مبدع في تصوير لكن انتبه من الحيونات المفترسه هل تفهم عربي

  23. Hi Morten. Absolutely fantastic film showing the beauty of nature and your photos, film editing .. I am very impressed. best regards

  24. Absolutely amazing, inspiring and moving 3 minutes and 14 seconds. Your passion and commitment reinforce awareness of the values ​​of nature in countless people. Thanks Morten!

  25. i only have i phone se and i love photography but no cams but sir ,when i see your videos i feel so happy i have no words we can feel how much you love photography always love u god bless you

  26. I watch you all the time on YouTube and yet I have only just found this video and I am blown away, I really don't think that I know of another person that cares so much for the environment and nature as you do Morten. Often you hear photographers tell you about who inspires them, people such as Bresson, Adams and Leibovitz but, I have to say that I have never been more inspired by anyone than I have by you and your photography. I just love watching your videos, you are a truly inspiring person.

  27. I come from the channel a bit of everything, and watched their videos and they are the best, you make me more inspired by the photography in the relief that I have around me, good videos, a subscriber more📸📷🎥🍂🌴🌳🌲🐿🐇🦌🐐🐑

  28. Esto tiene que estar en televisión, eres mi favorito. Me encanta.
    Esperó lo mejor para ti.
    Gracias un póco de todo por enseñarme algo tan espectacular.

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