Wildlife Photography on Svalbard part 1 – Behind the scenes, winter adventure, Thomas Heaton, cabin

Just arrived in Svalbard
and I’m very tired right now. It’s about midnight and… I’m going to meet another photographer here,
but I’m going to talk about that later. So for now it’s time
to get the bus to the hotel and then off we go for landscape and wildlife photography on Svalbard. ♪♪ I’m here on Svalbard now. And as you can see,
I have the pumpgun on my backpack. Because you have to have that when you’re walking in the wilderness of Svalbard, because of the polar bears. And… This is very exciting. First of all,…
like I just arrived last night and… 24 hours before I came here… the entire plan was canceled,
because of the heat. So… Snowmobile rental closed down,
all the trips closed down. So I had planned a trip to the East Coast
to look for polar bears,… but everything is canceled. But, that’s how it is with… wildlife photography. So now I only have two days here and… I’m going to get the most out of them
and I have to improvise. What’s going on.
And… Actually, I should say we,
because I’m not here alone. I’m here with another photographer and… I can’t wait to work with another photographer. And yes… Because I find it really interesting to inspire each other
and just to see how other people work. And the other photographer is right in front of me walking here with a backpack. Let’s say hi.
Hey, Thomas! It’s Thomas Heaton here. Yeah… Pretty hard to walk in the snow… and talk at the same time. So we’re probably going to take on
some snowshoes very soon. But yeah, let’s see what happens. We are going to… see if we can get a glimpse of
the glacier front up here. And furthermore, we are going to see
if we can get some wildlife photos… of the reindeer or maybe even the arctic fox. So… Yeah… The weather… changes all the time… and when we started the walk… down here… from where we car parked the car. It was like little blue sky
and a little wind, but… look at this. It’s… crazy. It’s like total whiteout Thomas is on the way down there. A tiny little guy walking down the valley. Look how the sun hits the background.
It’s beautiful. Get my sunglasses on,
because the light reflects in the snow. It’s pretty a pretty white. But over there…
I’ve just seen a little group of a reindeer And these… Svalbard reindeer,
they are so nice and… What I want to do is go down here. Thomas is already down there. I want to go down there,
follow that little path of stones and… Then I want to see
if I can get to the same level as the reindeer. I want to put on my… 150 to 600 and see if I can get these reindeer so that they don’t fill up the whole picture,… but just become small animals in their environment with these beautiful mountains in the background. This is really, really, really nice. Like, I haven’t been
on Svalbard for a while now, but… Now when I see it,
I really miss it. I’m really lucky, because… because the plan changed so dramatically.
Couldn’t get the snowmobiles,… everything closed down
because of that melt. Yeah, I didn’t know what to do. But luckily my very good friends Martin and Karina,
who own the Green Dog here on Svalbard,… they always help… every time I’ve been to Greenland they have always always helped me and… Also this time I was lucky,
I called them and said like, hey… Things got canceled. What can I do?
I have no plan. I don’t know what to do and… they have been incredibly helpful and let me use their car and they just served the reindeer soup. And yeah… Borrowed the rifle from Martin. Yeah, everything…
They are… nice as usual. But let’s get down the valley,
get to Thomas… and then get some telephoto lenses
on the camera and then… see if we can get some reindeer pictures. I think over there is
where the glacier front should be. But it’s so cloudy
we can’t see anything. So maybe… It’s time to concentrate
on the reindeer instead. Let’s aks here. What do you think Thomas? – I can’t see anything.
No me neither. It’s white. There’s supposed to be a glacier here,
but I don’t see anything. Let’s have a look. It’s just everything is closing down
and it’s impossible to predict anything. We have been looking at the weather forecast the whole morning, but it doesn’t help a lot. It seems like the Svalbard weather is just its own. Wow… Snowshoes would be a good idea. But, right down there
should be some reindeer. So we have been… thinking about taking on some…. telephoto lenses and
see if we can get this beautiful background… in the picture and then also get the reindeer in the front.
Not so like a portrait of reindeer,… but actually try to see
if we can capture this, like… beautiful scenery
just with the small reindeer. But yeah, let’s see… So now we’re here… and… Just in front of us
there’s a little group of reindeer… and one of the one of these guys
is definitely coming towards us. This was not meant to be
like, a photography trip. We just meant to walk to the glacier.
Just to see how the light was and Then we were talking about,
maybe let’s just bring the camera bag just in case maybe something will show up.
And actually now… We’re sitting here and
there’s a reindeer looking towards us. It’s maybe one or two hundred meters away. And yeah, there’s a gun here and it’s not to shoot the reindeer. So, sorry for putting you down
in the snow. Look at them on the top,Thomas. Look it’s awesome. Do you see them?
– Yeah Look how they come up now.
I’m just going to grab a picture here Oeh! This is nice. ♪♪ Oooh, okay.
So… Have a look. Voila ♪♪ Here we are… Oh yeah… ♪♪ So I managed to get these few pictures of the reindeer. Now we’re moving slowly up the hill and… We have to get back later,
because we didn’t plan on staying here. So we don’t have… clothes enough, all our gear.
And it’s closing down, the weather. So even though
I’m tempted to stay here… Oh… Hold on. Look at them. Oooh! Even though it’s tempting to stay here… We have to get back and
get some more clothes on. And then we’ll come back for these reindeer later,
but first… Oh, hold on. ♪♪ I love Svalbard. Now what I said was,
if I don’t continue to interrupt myself,… that even though
it’s tempting to… continue to photograph the deer,… the reindeer… I have to go back and get some more clothes on,
get the equipment ready. And then we are thinking about
driving out to look for arctic foxes… and then come back here in the afternoon. Oooh… He’s just standing there… all alone. Just backed out. Just one more picture… ♪♪ I’m just waiting.
I hope it looks up, because I’m behind a snow hill and… It should be fantastic to see. Oh He’s just looking up. I don’t know if I can get it. ♪♪ I have to see if I can film this. ♪♪ This was absolutely amazing. I was just sitting down there. I had to prepare this little camera and then they just got closer and closer and closer to me. And… I was… I’ve never been so close to a reindeer. Haaa! I’m definitely not cold anymore. It’s so, like… Then you don’t feel like
a wildlife photographer or tourist or anything. Just kind of…
I just feel like a part of nature. When you can sit down there
and the reindeer are coming… and they’re maybe… 50 meters away from you. Oh and they’re still standing there
and they’re walking along with me. So fantastic.
They don’t seem afraid at all. I better get back up to Thomas.
He’s up there on the hill. But oh, I want to get back to these. I’ve promised myself on this trip
I also have to do some landscape photography. Like, I have…
I’m here with Thomas Heaton. He’s such a skilled landscape photographer. There’s a lot I can learn from him.
But I mean… Hoh! Are they just not really nice, these reindeer. I’m so glad I brought my telephoto lens. Oooh! That’s one last picture before I go.
One last picture. Have to. Then I’ll go back. Hold on. That’s the last picture of them. Oh, they are so nice. There’s a helicopter… flew over
and I don’t know if that’s scared them or not, but… suddenly just as they…
it was like they just appeared out of the white and… I got some good photographs of the reindeer
and then suddenly like… just as fast as they came,
they disappeared again. But one thing is for sure
and that is now we are going back to the car to get… proper dressed and… Oh look! The tracks.
Just to show you the reindeer tracks. I’m tempted to follow them. But better go back. So yeah, for sure… we’re going back
to the car to get changed… to go out to see if we can find
other wildlife in this awesome weather. Like having….oh! ♪♪ Hold on ♪♪ This is awesome. This is awesome. ♪♪ Oeh! Show that..
Look at that picture. Hold on, the last thing. ♪♪ That was… Way more than I could have begged for. What a start. We were just meant to go here
to look for the glacier and then… like out of nowhere… we see a group of reindeer. I’m getting the snow
in my eyes now. So, time to get down. Maybe I can convince Thomas
that is time for a cup of coffee. Otherwise, yeah, let’s see… He’s already packed,
ready to go. And so will I be
in just a few seconds. Haaa! Backpack. So yeah, let’s go back. ♪♪

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