WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY when it’s best [behind the scenes]

This is pure luck… They were on their way to me and… So, that was great. What a morning! I did one of my common mistakes though – that’s probably laziness, which is
my enemy in the morning because I went to bed a little late last night.
I was putting the last work into a really nice nature conservation trip
to Africa, to Kenya, and actually a trip you can join if you’re interested. I’ll
tell you much more about it a little later but yeah, I worked on that yesterday evening. I
went to bed a little late and the result was that when the alarm clock was
ringing at 5:00 in the morning I was just so tired and, instead of
jumping up immediately, I was in bed maybe 20 minutes more, and then I had to
get up and, you know… it’s just a, just a stupid thing because I
hadn’t packed the whole thing in the evening so because I was a little tired
it just took forever to get batteries and tripods and stuff together. So yeah, it’s a
lesson I should have learned many years ago. Yeah, in the evening I thought ‘oh
I’ll do this in the morning, it’s better,’ but the result was I didn’t get out
until a little to six, and that’s like an hour, at least an hour, too late or maybe
two hours actually… So I went out, walked along these trees where I’m
sitting now and then, further that way, suddenly these cranes were there and I’m like, I
have heard them here and I know they’re here, but I have never seen them so close.
They were like… I don’t know how it goes, a few hundred meters, maybe a hundred
meters when they were closest, and when I sat down there, when I got there, I
couldn’t say anything. I doubted if I should start turning on the
little camera there, that one, or if I should just photograph, but
I needed to so it turned it on. I don’t know what to do. That’s why I’m talking now. I really don’t know what to do. I didn’t think I was going to photograph
them because they were so close and I thought they were so aware. When I
started to, I made a little noise with the tripod and then like they started to
come closer to me, probably because I was in all these clothes, camouflage clothes,
and they didn’t know what it was and they got closer and closer until maybe 55/70 meters or so, and I didn’t dare to do anything. This time I did use the silent shutter, this time I just tried to stay as still as I could. I didn’t dare to
make a photo though, because I didn’t dare to start to faff around with
getting the tripod up in height. Then I decided anyway to make some photos. I’m glad I did because they didn’t notice me. I must be well
hidden through the reeds. I was just so afraid of my silhouette because, you know,
if if I sit here with the dark background everything is fine, but if I
stand up with the sky as a background, even though I’m well
camouflaged, it’s just a black silhouette moving. So yeah, I got a little film
and I got some photos, but I was struggling with these reed’s, because
the dead ones are very bright and kind of gave a little
flare effect on the photo. And then there were the leaves, the fresh green
leaves, and they were constantly in the way. I tried to use them a little
creatively by making them blurry, blur the picture on one side of the photo and
then I tried… like with the woodpecker I don’t know if you remember how I
shot through the leaves, and found a little place where the leaves were not
covering the photo, I tried to do the same here. So on this photo of the
cranes, I had these reeds in the foreground. They were really distracting
the autofocus. So what I did here is, I’m setting my autofocus to continuously
autofocus and then I used the back button to lock it.
That means that I can always push my back button and then override manually
and that’s the technique I have used here. I can use it as some kind of
effect to either blur the photo or blur one side of the photo, as you can see in
this one. It’s the the cranes in the right side and then you have the reeds on the left side of the photo. They are kind of closing the
photo over there. By moving to the right and to the left, I can change
that a little bit and get completely different photos. If you want to know
more about this technique and how I set up my autofocus, please leave
a comment below and ask your questions and I can include that in a future
Behind the Camera video. Or I can actually make a dedicated video about
that. So, what started out to be a morning without anything, and the light was a little boring, and I thought I was too late, turned out to give me
my first photos of the cranes here in this area, and so close. And the most
important thing is what I’m going to do now. Because I haven’t read that much
about the cranes I’m going to look into that. Try to find information about
their hearing, their sense of smell… You know, some birds actually have a brilliant
sense of smell, like the… you know, the ones that are always in the
cartoon with a naked neck, with the one feather and the beak, and they always
come when lucky Luke is about to die! They will sit
around and wait for him. I don’t know what they’re called in English, but these
birds they have an incredible sense of smell. I want to find out
about their eyesight, the cranes, and how is their smell, how’s their hearing. I
need to know that, and that’s how I usually work when I’m photographing this
kind of stuff. I don’t know anything about it. I know a lot about the fox, and
all about the deer, and a lot about the buzzards and birds of prey, but I don’t
know about the cranes. I’m going to go figure it out. I like to get further down for some of my photos, you can see I have the horizon of
the green field and the dark forest, and that is cutting almost through the
cranes. What I would like is to get all the way down and
shoot along the field so that I actually get just above the
grass. That means that the cranes will be standing there, with their beautiful
colours, with maybe a dark background. I want to get down in level. I couldn’t
do that here because of all the reeds. Another thing I like to try to do –
because I know the Sun is rising over there, and if I can get in a position
where the Sun comes up behind the cranes, so I get a little silhouette. Or I get
when they do that trumpet thing, the quack-quack, then I can maybe get some, you know, some steam coming out of the… or moisture, coming
out of the beak, and with a backlight I can maybe create an effect there. But you
can hear, I’m dreaming now! But let’s see what I get in the next few week’s. So yeah, I
think that was it. I think what I struggle a little about here was I have this big backpack, now I have the solar panels, the batteries, because I
wanted to show it have extra batteries in there, I have my drone with
the batteries and, I have all kind of things that I don’t need. What I would like to do is pack a little simpler because with that camera
that’s filming now on the tripod, with the binoculars, with the tripod, with
all these big things, I struggle a little because the weight and
the volume make it really hard… It’s like the opposite of walking just
me and a lens without anything else, without the tripod, without anything. I
talked a little about that in the last Behind the Camera video. I think next
time I’ll try to pack a little different or make a little base camp close by.
Maybe not a base camp but a little camp close to where I’m going to photograph
where I can put all my stuff and then just go with the tripod and the camera
and the binocular and the vlogging camera and the coffee, and then I think
that’s a better tactic! The light is getting a little hard now, I’m
going home now to have a nap, to prepare a lecture for tomorrow evening, and do a
little work, office work, boring work, really boring work, that
I don’t like. Then I’m going to have a nap so I can get ready for
this evening. Because at this time of the year where the sunrise is at a little
past 4:00 and it said sets after 10:00 the night is not long enough, so what I usually do is I get a few
hours during the night and then I have a good nap during the day because evenings
and mornings are the good times for me. That’s when the animals are active, that is when
there’s no noise, that’s when it’s beautiful – there were still dew drops
on the grass when I got up this morning. So it’s time to get another
cup of coffee here and then I’ll go back home and see you this evening. Looking forward to see if we see anything up there.
In the evening, I think it’s tempting to go down here again, but I
think I want to go up to the forest because I haven’t been there for a while. I want
to go up and see. Do you remember last year with the badger, that forest where I
saw the fox, one of my very first videos. I’ll link to it up here. I think it was my very first video I did here on YouTube about a year and a half ago. I
was walking in the forest and talking to the camera. It was the very first time I
was vlogging, so it was incredibly weird to walk with that tripod
and talk to the camera and then I talked and talked and talked, and took on
my 3d camouflage and then, suddenly, in the middle of everything, the fox just ran
over and I just got one picture of the Fox at the end of the road and then
it disappeared again into the forest! Yeah that was the forest. I think I’ll
go up there tonight and see if I can see some deer, a badger or fox, whatever. Yeah,
see you tonight! There’s lightning, there’s thunder…
This is fantastic. There’s a fox, there’s a fox… Thank God I did not go home just after
the thunder and the rain. I’m totally soaked but it’s worth every single drop of
rain. That was a crazy experience. I mean you
just… double up on getting something I didn’t expect. I could see, around
6 o’clock, 5 o’clock, how it was building up with this dense
feeling of rain and I thought there’s thunder coming in and… I just got up here and…
You know, when I was walking down there towards the badger, trying to sneak
my way, and suddenly I could hear in the background, I knew rain was
coming and then, within… I mean I got so wet, I was totally soaked within 20 minutes. I had rain jackets on, but just normal hiking trousers. It just went down my legs, in my shoes and that
was the point I think I said to this camera ‘Oh everything is wet,
I need to just continue filming because I wanted to capture this mood…’ This one is so full of rain and water and it’s dripping, because I really want to
film these beautiful patterns with the fog. And it’s so surrealistic when I sit here now. It’s so quiet, the birds are
singing, there’s almost no wind and just 3-4 hours ago it was pouring
down. I’m so happy I didn’t shut off
the camera, put it down in the safe camera bag. I just continued to shoot
with the video of the rain pouring down and the leaves and all this stuff, and then I decided to, to call that a day, and I finished the
video of the vlog. I can’t wait to share some of this with you Just a little rainy mood and to share some of the cranes from this morning and then I
think this has been a very, very different day, but see you out there! And then there was just something in my mind saying ‘oh I can’t go home now,
this evening is still young, I need to be here a little more.’ I just remember, I thought let me just go to the meadow and
see if there’s a deer. I went there and there were no deer and I thought ‘oh just a little more, just a little more,’ I just had this feeling that I had to continue and
oh, I’m glad I did, because when I saw that fox I was like ‘what
do I do ,what do I do,’ because that is where it’s becoming really, really
challenging because… I want to get the photos, but at the same time I want
to share it on that camera, the vlogging camera. But, having to turn that on and
off, and focus, and sound, and all that kind of stuff, and at the same time
concentrate on the fox, and concentrate on one tripod with the 600 millimeter,
and another tripod with that one, having these things going on it’s extremely
difficult especially, not when I’m photographing a plant or from inside my
blind, but when I’m out here exposed, all the movements, all the tripod hitting
tripod, you know the sound of tripod hitting tripod is just not a
good combination with deer and foxes and animals with good
hearing so I try to find that balance between just putting up the vlogging camera
and getting in position. But then I had to go back and get the…
wow that was challenging and it was too challenging today.
I got some really good photos of the… at least, some photos of the fox
that I really like, because it was so wet… But it disappeared too fast I
didn’t really get anything really good! As I continued up and I saw
the hares, and I saw the second fox, it just became too much with that camera so, my thought was just let me get what I can, let me share what I can,
but I need to get some photos. I need to get some video here. This
situation is unique and I was just trying to concentrate on getting
something really good. I had to make up my mind because I decided
to leave my camera bag behind, it was too heavy, too bulky,. Then I
wanted to use a tripod, and then I didn’t want to use a tripod and, to be honest, I would have
preferred it without the tripod, but it was already getting too dark. I already ended
up photographing on ISO 12000 on f4 with the 250 of a second with
a 600 millimeter with a 1.4 converter, and that was just incredibly low light. So
yeah, I needed a tripod to to make decent, sharp photos
without them being too blurred. Then comes this moment that was insane
because I was sitting there, I can’t remember it very clear now but I just remember
sitting there, photographing the hare and then I thought ‘okay well I’ll leave that
little camera behind because it’s going to destroy the whole thing when I’m
faffing around, let me just concentrate.
Before I started doing the vlogging thing it was just me and my camera, and
then the hare. Let me just get that moment and I left that camera behind. I was only maybe, not twenty but ten or fifteen meters away, and I kneeled down and I got the photo
and the video of this beautiful little hare. Suddenly in the background I could see something brown, and when I looked up it looked like the
back of a deer. And then a head came up and there was the red deer. Instantly I
regretted that I didn’t have that camera because that moment was just… it was just
so insane because, when I was looking at the red deer the hare would jump in
front of the picture and I have just, you know… before that I had the fox, and
it was just so… it was just so insane how much happened within a few hours!
And the fox, let me just jump back to the fox, the fox, when I saw it on
the other side of these trees, I needed to go all the way down
to the end, but then luckily I found a tiny spot where I could photograph him
and, with the use of the foreground, I got this really nice blurry effect, a dreamy effect like I got with the woodpecker. And this wet fox, very dark
because it was so wet, just walked around out there. It came closer and
closer, to the point where I was afraid that it should see that it was me
sitting there. Then it got so close and I think it caught my smell and
it then walked the other way and then disappeared. Not
scared or anything, but it didn’t come back. I think it could smell me. I think there
was some scent hanging there because everything was so wet, and there was a
tiny bit of wind. But that was incredible. When I then continued
down, I saw these hares and I went out to photograph them. These red
deer, they were just so incredibly close, and they got closer and closer
and closer. There was nothing I could do, because I was there sitting in
the middle of the field in my 3d camouflage. But still, I think they were
at around 35 meters away, five or six red deer ,with their
small ones, and at that point I was just getting afraid of scaring them.
Because I was sitting there and at some point they would smell me, and at some
point they will see a small movement. So what I tried to do there was
I actually tried to back out, I tried to get away from them again. Every
time they looked down or had their back to me I moved back, and I almost got all the
way back to where the trees were. Then I knew I would be much better hidden there. But then one of them saw me I think, or saw a
movement, and then they all had their heads up, and then it was like a staring
contest. I was sitting there trying to… I was just looking down so they couldn’t
see my face, and I could see they were definitely just all staring at me. And
then they brought their heads up and then they ran off. Again, no panic but they knew I was there. The good thing is, I could
hear them stopping in the forest and when I went back, they came out again so
they had not been that scared. They didn’t know it was a human probably, because of
these clothes! So yeah, they came out again, but at that point I was already
getting out. I think what I have learned from this day is, sometimes it’s just, you know in the morning, I thought ‘no it’s not so good.’ I still went out
with the camera, cup of coffee, and I got the crane pictures and a beautiful
morning and then, now here, I got soaked, it was raining. I was tempted to pack
down and I was almost getting out of here, when I realised ‘oh let me just stay a
little more,’ and it really, really, really paid off. I can’t remember when I last
had such an opportunity last. So many deer, so many animals,
deer, foxes, hares within one single evening. It was crazy, but what a day, what a day! Yeah, I think it’s a time for me
to get the last of my tea and then it’s probably… It’s late, I’m getting tired, you
can probably hear that. It has been a long day – early up and late to bed. It’s after 11:00 now, so, let me get my cup of tea and then,
yeah, see you out there!

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