Wing Ho | Photography

(upbeat guitar music) – Growing up art was always
a big part of my life. I grew up sketching,
drawing, painting. I did theater throughout
high school and in college and eventually found
my way to photography. I started my Instagram account
when it first launched. And it was just a
tool and an app for me to just kinda put out
personal photographs. And over time I started getting
inquiries about shooting for other people or
for other projects and wanting me to either
work on their visual content for their
social media feeds or actually work on
different campaigns. In 2010 I decided to take a leap of faith and
started Canary Grey. (upbeat music) (clicking and beeping) I work with different
brands on visual content. I work with different
lifestyle brands. I work with publications with
shooting editorial content. I work with architectural firms shooting interior
and exterior spaces. Yeah perfect, my aesthetic
is more minimal I would say. I’m attracted to the
simple lines, and shapes, and the composition of an image. When I’m shooting landscapes
I really like looking at it more from the abstract
point of view. I love using negative
space. There’s something about that, that highlights
the point of view. Yeah and I like
it’s more neutral than just having
the floor there. – Yeah. I really enjoy
working with clients in more than just the
photographer capacity. I really wanna be hands on
and work with my clients on their overall art direction and even help style
if I need to (laughs). I love your face right
now it’s staring clean. I like you looking down,
awesome okay got it. I think with finding
photography later in my life helped me become a stronger
photographer and a stronger artist because I had
other foundations in art. By then I had honed in on some
more technical skills too. Got it. (clattering) In the past couple years
I’ve been working on more personal projects
and I’ve wanted to pursue putting out
more fine art photography. It’s something that I’ve always
wanted to do as an artist. A couple of projects
that I’ve been working on are from some of our
personal travels. One common threat is
nature in particular when we were in Norway we hiked to Trolltunga which
was the most incredible and crazy thing I’ve
done, ever (laughs). But I was so inspired by
the landscape over there and not the obvious
beauty of the view that you got from he
top but I was really inspired by the
geological formations. What excites me the
most, I’ll be able to tell my own stories. A lot of my work that
I’ve done for other people I’m really proud of
but, there was always a little piece of me
that was missing in that. And I’ve really wanted to
put out more personal work. So, it’s a big leap
of faith like starting (laughs) Canary Grey that
I’m excited to pursue and finally put out my own
photography and my own art. C is for cat and
d is for dinosaur. Since having Oden
it’s been easier to say no (laughs) to things. It’s really made me
realize what matters. I want to take on work that
excites me and makes me happy. There’s work that does do that. So saying yes to those is easy but then saying no to things
that just don’t make sense or matter or that take
time away from him it’s easier to say
no to those things. That’s impacted me
the most I would say. (strings strumming)

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