WINTER PHOTOGRAPHY in a Blizzard | Kyrgyzstan Photography

– Ugh. Hey guys. We have had a pretty random last two days. When we last left you guys,
we were soaking up some sun, some beautiful views, how
things have changed so quickly. Last night we made a stupid decision, we went all the way into a perfect lake which we thought was a great lake. We almost got snowed in. It was minus five over night, absolutely freezing and just got out. Very stupid mistake but today
is a completely different day. We are here to explore a
valley, Kaikorai Valley, Kaikorai Gorge, sorry. There’s a waterfall to
my right, orange jacket, white snow, beautiful photos. Guys, it’s gonna be epic down here. We’ve got waterfalls
planned, hiking to do, and hopefully, hopefully
a beautiful alpine lake. Gonna be epic, gonna be
action packed so stick around. (relaxing music) (water flowing) So I’m next to a waterfall and everything is much
harder with altitude. Breathing in the cold air
just does not help at all. You can see the waterfall behind me, it’s nothing dramatic
like Pericnik in Slovenia but I have found one composition
that I wanna show you, it’s just behind me and it’s perched up on a hill. Alex’s got the orange jacket on, going to stand right in the
middle of the waterfall. Gonna catch one with
him and one without him. That’s the only two
compositions that I found. But I’m going to do a little segment and head up there and
get this image underway. (relaxing music) So I’ve managed the vantage point that I want to shoot from
and there is the waterfall. Bloody hell, it is cold here. Just said one degree in
the car but I call BS because it has to be
minus temperatures here, would you say, Alex? At least minus. It is bloody cold here. I have to be quick because
I think in the background is a storm coming. I can hardly feel my lips or my face so I’m sorry if (mumbles). Looking at the image now, I
want to shoot in vertical. Eliminate the sky,
because it’s just bland, there’s nothing actually
going on in the sky. Alex’s is turned right in
the middle of the waterfall and I’ve only got a 10-24 mil with me now. So I do want to shoot quite wide. There is this tree to
the left here aside me, but I do want to make sure
it is straight in the image. So I can’t tilt the camera up too much. And also I’m told a
waterfall out of frame now, another tree, and I just want to brace the, be the last point on the top of the frame. So now, I’m gonna get set up, I’m gonna get Alex in his own jacket to start heading on down
so we can get this image, get back in the car, and bloody warm up because it’s cold. So I set the image up, in vertical, and it does work much better. Just with the composition, we’ve got a leading line of the river. It goes into the bottom
left-hand side of the corner. And I’m shooting just on 24 mils, so maxed the 10-24 mil out. Shooting at F10, 30 second shutter speed, 1 over 30, sorry, at a ISO 200. It’s so cold my brain is just
absolutely frozen right now. Two second timer, hit the image, I had to recirculate because
that storm is coming quickly. So guys here is that
image, I hope you enjoy it. (relaxing music) So there is the image guys, and thank you to Alex, always being the model for
the, in the orange jacket. I’m sorry I shouldn’t make you walk in freezing conditions all the time. – Yeah, nose is dripping. Can’t feel my fingers, some pretty keys gonna have
to have some tea or something. – Every time you go to talk it feels like nothing is coming out properly. – Yeah I can’t, I’m slurring my words. I feel like I’m grunt. – Typical British man,
drinking all the time, aye. – I’m the joke, oh. – Alright guys, I’m gonna
head back down to the car, get some warm tea, warm up, and we really have no idea what the rest of the day is gonna bring. – Yeah, like the previous
three days really. – Like the previous three days. We’re just winging it right now, guys enjoy the rest of this day. (beeping) Yeah. Why not, lets do it. (relaxing music) Showered, warm, and now seven hours later
since I spoke to you guys. Seven hours. What the hell happened in seven hours. A snow storm. When I last spoke to you guys, I said there was a snow storm coming over top of the waterfall. Didn’t realize how bad that was. I flew the the drone up,
got some great footage, took a great photo, and about absolutely
hammered it with snow. Alex was cooking, got colder, and colder, and colder. Minus 4, minus 5, what
the hell is going on. This is going on. Right, that there is the lake
that we wanted to explore. If you can’t read that, tonight, minus 11. Tomorrow night, minus 19. Stu-yupid. We are not camping in that condition. Hence, why we are in a hotel room. We’ve had to explore
for the last three hours to find a hotel room. My number one problem
right now with Kyrgyzstan, incredible country, hopefully got a great short
film coming out about this, but hotel prices are not what we expected. I’m not sure if they’re
trying to rip you off, or they’re just not used
to tourism at the moment. We are paying the same price here as we are in western Europe for a hotel. Stupid. Been traveling for so long,
not falling for those tricks. But I’m here to explain
what we’re doing here, and why we are in a hotel room. Obviously, first thing is to do is warm up because we are not stupid. We are not camping in minus 19 conditions. Hopefully in two days time, it says here that Thursday
should be minus 12. The light went out, one second. Well will you look at that, overpriced accommodations that
don’t even come with lights. So thankful that I travel
with a little pocket light. Otherwise, we couldn’t finish this vlog. But guys, I’m here, I was just saying on Thursday it still looks like minus 12 at the lake. But that gives us a great
opportunity to go to the lake, not camp unfortunate, we might take some camping gear there, set it up, just to shoot
for the short film. I feel like it’s the last
thing I really want to include. There’s gonna be an absolute
truck-ton of snow and possibly, possibly frozen-over lake. Which sucks a little bit, but that is part of travel. We’ve had epic, like ridiculous, epic good weather last couple of weeks. So we can’t complain. The documentary I want to
shoot is going to be bonkers. Crazy weather guys, we’ve looked into it, stupid weather. It’s going to be epic footage, epic doco, we’re going to torture ourselves
basically for you guys. I’m nervous, I’m super nervous to do this, but going to do something
I’ve always wanted to do. The plan is now is to
kill today, tonight sorry, tomorrow, and probably see you guys on Thursday in two days time. That is it for me tonight here, but I will see you guys hopefully soon, out of the storm, and safe. See you then. (electronic music) It’s doco. All I can say, every doco. We’re just figuring this right now, so guys have have a
great rest of this day.

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