72 Replies to “Woman caught on camera keying Tesla at Charlotte park”

  1. Just like all new cars it will be trash in 10-15 years so it really want matter at all in a few moments. Because 10 years is just a few moments of time…..

  2. "JUSTICE AND ANSWERS"??? His car was vandalized, not the Lincoln Memorial. This wimp has been watching the news a bit too much, and wants his moment on TV to wail and agonize.

  3. He said he wanted answers and justice. Did he call the cops when he saw her there again? Did he confront her and ask why she did it? It doesn't sound like he did anything with the video other than get the news involved. Even after he saw her again.

  4. She's mad because she can't afford a Tesla and she's not pretty enough to attract a guy that can afford a Tesla. The Tesla reminds her of everything that she cannot have

  5. It's a shame that Teslas are getting keyed all while pickup trucks are untouched. They're truly the biggest douchebags drivers in this country.

  6. update please if she was turned in??? she is just a miserable idiot .and needs to be punished by the law and fined and pay for damages

  7. good to see the news channel not taking a dig at tesla or lying/insulting the tesla brand. Glad that ad revenues or lack of ad revenues doesn't effect how reporting is done. Only adding this comment as its clear to me tesla gets noticibly unfair treatment by alot of channels.

  8. And people say that there is no difference betwern poor people and rich people. I hope she smashed her $1000 car into a tree

  9. For someone who apparently plays tennis, that bitch is fat, and most likely keyed the car for two reasons:
    1.she can't afford it
    2.she can't attract a guy/girl (you never know which way people swing) who can afford a Tesla for her

  10. Something HAD to of happened to trigger this…something the owner is not aware of. Possibly cut her off on the way to the park, or deeper things that could’ve happened days/months earlier. I can guarantee it’s not “jealousy”…Tesla’s are nice, but not key it cause I’m jealous nice.

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