X100F “Common Sense”: Bettina Flitner x David Klammer

When I’m in the streets I look at the people and I watch them. I watch how they behave, how they talk – what kind of body language they have. And I decide whether they’re interesting for me or not. Everything starts with a look at the people and I rarely just photograph people like that. I’m always communicated with them before. When I’m portraying, I’m not only photographing. With a small camera they can see my face and it’s always an interaction. It’s always a dialogue between me and the person I’m portraying. We can smile, we can laugh, we can communicate. The camera is like a lock pick for me. It opens every door. With a small camera it’s easier to communicate with the people who I’m photographing. I take people for serious and they sense that I really want to understand something of them. I think that there’s a deep wish of humans to be seen and to be understood. In my work I’m always interested in social and political issues. And the greater context can only be understood when you focus in the small.

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  1. Im Blog auf fotowissen.eu erzähle ich, wie das Video entstanden ist:


  2. https://fujifilm-x.com/vi-vn/stories/x100f-common-sense-bettina-flitner-x-david-klammer/ X100F "Common Sense": Bettina Flitner x David Klammer | | Máy ảnh kỹ thuật số Fujifilm GFX và X Series

  3. Great choice and great pictures using a fantastic camera, congratulations and thank you but why does this video only come out now? The new X100 is about to be announced…

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