X100F “Common Sense” : David Jimenez x David Airob

Well, then, thanks for attending these interviews. It’s truly a pleasure to have you here and especially to be able to do it via this link, dedicated to the wonder that is an X100F, S, T or normal; it’s really a pleasure. I’d like to know a little about when… How did it all begin? How did photography come to form part of your life? How did you get started in the world of photography? Well, I began by studying Fine Arts. At the beginning, I was into painting; I also wrote when I was little. But while I was studying Fine Arts, along with painting, I started to experiment with photography and it was when I finished my studies, ever since 1993, when I dedicated myself exclusively to photography.. It has been my… well, it has been what I’ve dedicated myself to ever since, and I think that one of the reasons why I opted for photography was the relation to reality, to the real world. I loved the fact that photography forces you to get to know locations, places, people and ultimately, the photographic image, which appears to be so direct. It would seem that reality speaks for itself, but you realize that it is quite the opposite; it is very subjective. Photography gives a very personal vision of the world. And it makes you see that the world is also something that you are subjectively creating all the time. How would you define your photography? It’s tough to define it. My photography process has been one of discovery. I’ve gradually learned, understood and investigated things, according to… Through the work itself, as opposed to a priori approaches. I gradually discovered a language that the work itself led me to, without a premeditated idea of what I wanted to do. So for me, the language is more important than the topic, perhaps. Talk to me a little about how “Universo”, the exhibition you offered in Madrid, that can now be seen in Navarre. Talk to be a little about the exhibition and also a little… because if I’m not mistaken, in this exhibition there are photographs taken with this camera, right? Well, it’s been my first anthological exhibition, my first big exhibition. I had never done anything of this size. I have also dedicated more energy to photo-books and books than exhibitions and it has thus been a… it has also been the start of an era in which the exhibition format seemed to be something to explore. Yes, in this exhibition there are images that were all taken with the X100, I believe, because it is an exhibition that covers many years. My love for these cameras has also been around since the beginning. Well, and now talking about the cameras a bit, how do they fit in the Fujifilm creative process, particularly that first Fujifilm camera you have? Well, my first Fujifilm camera was an X100, and well, I simply saw how this model appeared even though I had yet to meet the Fujifilm Spain team. And it immediately seduced me. What advantages do you think that these cameras have over other types of cameras? Well, they have some important features, such as being lightweight. Well, first of all, for me is how it operates. Its operation is the closest to that of an analog camera; it’s more intuitive, more physical, since it has these dials. Even the hybrid viewer, which I usually use in electronic mode, but I like to have that option, and the way all this device operates reminds me of it; it seems more intuitive and more physical, without so many electronic menus. Then I love the light weight and discretion these cameras have, as well as the quality of the images, i love it. For example, the texture of the grain, which is more similar to a photographic film than any other digital camera I have ever used. Have you evolved with the X100 models? Yes, I’ve had them all. I think so far, I’ve had every model. I’ve had the X100, then the X100S, then the X100T, and now I’m trying out the X100F. I think that the role this camera plays is very interesting; I have always thought so. We’ll see if you agree. Fujifilm really already has a very wide range of cameras, but if I had one camera to take to a deserted island, it would very possibly be this one. Well, there you are then, David. Thank you very much for this conversation and for sharing this love that we really feel for such a special model of camera. Thank you so much, it’s been a pleasure. Thank you, David.It’s been a pleasure. It’s really true; we share this love and it is also something very beautiful to have in common.

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  1. So it is indeed a new commercial series waiting for the new X100… But great videos anyway so thank you! The X100 changed everything for me and I'll always be grateful to Fujifilm

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