XCOM 2: Free Camera Rotation Mod

Hello people good day Going to make a short video to tell you about something that I installed a few minutes ago in XCOM 2 and about something I was noticing and having some difficulties with and so, we’re going to talk about mods. I told you guys that I was not going to install any mods because the 3 day one mods that showed up would change the game mechanic and so I would like to make a “virgin” run without any mods like that. However, while recording my episodes I noticed something that makes it harder to play and that is the camera rotation. And so, the camera rotation… Originally the camera rotates in 90º at a time meaning that in 4 clicks on the same direction you get the camera at the original position. That is original camera rotation behavior. And that, sometimes created some difficulties and not being able to see properly our units and the path/cover and so on… Because of that, I installed a mod, made by someone that already made something similar to XCOM vanilla and with that mod we can set the rotation angle we want/like, Free Camera Rotation mod. As you guys can see now, it already comes by default with a 45º angle rotation doubling the number of possible angles and I went even further and changed it to a 30º angle rotation You can do that it by going to the ini file and change to the values you desire. And simple as that, you guys can see that it makes it easier and it’s worth it Another nice feature is this type of smooth rotation. If you press only once, it rotates the number of degrees you set If you press and hold…. nice isn’t it? This mod could be very handy. There are 2 ways you can get and install this mod and I will share with you guys in the description of this video Basically you can go through Steam Workshop on the XCOM2 page and you can find this mod there, Free Camera Rotation All you need to do is subscribe to the mod, launch the game and like that, in the game launcher you will see the mod there, that you can enable or disable. Another way to get it is through the NexusMods website It’s a website with mods that I use since Skyrim, Long War and other vanilla mods Going there, the mod is of course the same, the person behind it also The only difference is the path to make it work You will also see the mod on the launcher, where you can enable or disable it. Fair warning though, for all the mods including this one All the people behind the XCOM2 mods are warning the gamers to be very careful about your savegames and the reason is that one save done with a specific mod installed, will not load if that same mod is disabled afterwards. Please, if you want to install a mod, make a hardsave to your progress beforehand. and rename it so you won’t delete by mistake Well, you should make hardsaves from time to time in these types of games to save your progress… seeing that the autosave slots usually save on top of themselves regularly unless you are playing IRONMAN mode and that way, there’s no chance. :p And that’s all folks! Next I’ll make a video about character pools seeing that you can find lots already both on NexusMods and on Steam Workshop, with other games’ characters, movies’ etc Character pools is where the game gets your rookies, VIPs, Dark VIPs etc and I think that brings some more fun into the mix, I’m going to try it. These that you get from the game originally, are unknown and you can customize as you please and for those of you who like to customize everything, you might enjoy more the original rookies You can see here how I customized this guy after his promotion… …nope, because this save is before his promotion. That video will come right up where I will explore those new characters with you guys. Take care and see you soon.

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