Zeetopin camera using video(Model:ZS-GX6S-T)

Hello everyone, thanks for using our zeetopin battery camera. This is our battery camera This is a USB cable for charging. This is the brackets and the screws for marking. This is a user’s menu our battery camera is two-way audio 1080p 2MP This is the power button. This is a reset button and this is the SD card slot And this is a USB charging port and this is USB LED indicator For first time using please power on the battery camera by pressing the power button for three seconds Then you will see constant red light first then turn flashing slowly We want to turn off the battery camera, please press the button Power button for three seconds then the camera will be turn off For the first time using please Reset the battery camera to the default by pressing the reset button of three seconds Then you will hear a beep Then the red light will be constant and then turn flashing slowly And it means that the camera is ready for connection Before connection please read the users menu carefully For any problems, please send us email. We will reply you within 24 hours This is our 24 hour service [email protected] you can see more videos from our website www.zeetopin.net At first you need to download the application CloudEdge You can search the CloudEdge in Apple Store or the Google Play or you can scan this QR code to download the application For the first time use of the application This is CloudEdge Please allow all the functions that the application required allow For the first time use please sign up choose the right country codes where you are living and Put a mail address Agreement and next which is a user name for the applications Then it’s done and you email will not get the notification code So right now the sign up is finished you’re already talking and add device battery camera Please follow these audio instructions and the words carefully and step-by-step to complete the configuration of Wi-Fi setup So we click next We are ready reset the camera so click Next Here we need to type in the Wi-Fi network user name and the password Please make sure that your Wi-Fi network is 2.4G not 5G And also make sure that the user name as password is correct Scanning QR code pointed and little bit here a tongue next So right now is counting the connection For its wave for few seconds After 100% it will convicted. You can talk to the cameras by pressing the intercom here “Hello. Hello. Hello” allow the features you can turn off the audio here and You can go here. It’s more setup here here Cloud storage service. This is for the cloud service you can try seven days free after that, you know pay by the Two by the subscription of the cloud service by month a week of a year Also, you can storage this by SD card is support maximum 128GB and this detection along The sensitivity is “high” if you get a lot of Notification you can set it “low” and also you can get the more device information here and the power consumption So thanks for using our zeetopin battery cameras for any more questions, please send us emails Thank you

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