Zhiyun Crane m2 | The $269 Gimbal for Teeny Cameras

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  1. I like the look of this but … am I correct in assuming if I set it up on my Sony hx90 with the lens withdrawn … and I zoom the lens it will mess up the balancing ?

  2. does this have a USB port on the upper motor, like the older gimbals, so i can charge the device too? I"m rocking a RX100 and the battery life isn't that great on that thing.

  3. would it hold the fuji xt30 or xt3? I know the original crane m could hold the fuji xt2 and a light lens like the 18-55 or the f2 lenses especially after firmware updates.

    I would imagine this, a fuji xt30 and a 23 f2, 35f2 or their new 16 2.8 would be a fun super light setup.

  4. Lots of thanks for this amazing video.
    Can u plz tell if I can use Sony a6400 with Sony 18-135mm lens…….?……

  5. Glad you reviewed this because I was very strongly looking at this for using with a cellphone that would have a lens and an LED light attached. Needed something stronger than the $100 dollar range gimbal but without overdoing it for a cellphone. I also wanted something I could use for a mirrorless dslr with small lenses which will be a future purchase down the road. Something upgrade-proof. Looks like this definitely hits the sweet spot 😄👌🏽

  6. Love this video! Perf for me being a new a6400 user, do you/anyone know If this gimbal could work with the mic attachment?!

  7. Amazing Gimbal! Really convenient for me. Check this corporate event video I made using this zhiyuncranem2 mounting my sonyA6400 with 30mmf1.4 lens and GoproHero7 :)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-PMsP9mHsw

  8. Max. payload is too low!! wondering if it will support my a6000 + 18-135mm lens + audio shotgun! what do you think?

  9. Great video, thanks! If I have a Canon M50, lens adapter for EF-S lens, plus Rode video mic pro on top.. it's really pushing the max weight load for this right? I'm assuming I'll have to stick with the stock lens and maybe a smaller mic

  10. Is it possible to control the zoom through the gimbal if a motorised zoom lens is attached to the camera? Or for instance with a Sony RX100 series camera?

  11. anyone using Sony Rx100 Vi? The start and stop recording button doesn't work for me unless i switch over to the "video" mode on my camera. Is that normal?

  12. Toronto, I see! Just bought the M2 today. Now comes the learning curve, never having used a gimbal-type device, ever! Filmed hours of video in London, England last November, but too jittery when walking- what a waste! Hope a Panasonic Lumix LX100 will be comfortable with this!

  13. I got and it's great, but I need a solution on how to mount to it smartphone vertically in order to take live videos on Instagram which doesn't support horizontal (landscape) videos. Do you guys know about some solution how to do that with Crane M2?
    I wonder if something like that would work….

  14. А для легкой зеркалки, например canon 77D, с легким объективом подойдет?

  15. Paired with the new RX100Vll & external Mic = Game Changer for the compact market. Great content, great review. Thank You!

  16. is this Zhiyun Crane M2 will work for Leica Q ? can connect between the gimbal into the Leica ? Leica Q size weight is 640g

  17. Is it compatible with Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III ? Even no place I could found any articles or any documents or any video even official compatibility list is missing model

  18. A Loctite glue would be ideal for helping keep the joystick from popping out. They make several different kinds of glues that work really well.

  19. I LIKE your review! I'm interested in this gimbal and am going to buy it. I'd like to use it with my reasonably small and lightweight
    Panasonic Lumix DC-FZ82 (LUMIX DC VARIO Lens), but it's not on the list of supported cameras. I suspect the reason is the size of the lens (at 120x zoom mode) and the corresponding balancing restrictions. Could you answer to my question? Or what kind of gimbal would you recommend for this camera? Thanks in advance, I look forward to your opinion

  20. Great Video like always. I am considering to get a Gimbal for my RX100 and this looks like a real interesting product 🙂

  21. What would you suggest for a mic and gimbal setup for interviews on the street using my iPhone 11 Pro. I’m disabled and use a mobility scooter so I need a good gimbal and mic. I was looking at a good ride mic but need help on how to attach it

  22. Its now available on amazon for only US$199.
    Here's a link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07VG69CN4/ref=as_li_ss_tl?SubscriptionId=AKIAJO7E5OLQ67NVPFZA&ascsubtag=146163980-2-208440130.1579982099&tag=shopperz_origin1-20

  23. Would the a6000+sigma 30mm 1.4 work better? The a6000 is slightly lighter than the a6400, wondering if it'd make a big difference.

  24. Hey. I was thinking about using this gimbal for an iPhone 11 Pro Max with a moment case and lens. Would it all do the job? Because I am concerned with the added weight for all of those things.

    I basically saw a video on the DJI Osmo 3 where the motor on it overheats and in conjuction, does that to your phone as well and causes recording issues.

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